Yogyakarta has abundant intellectual property potential: minister


Because there are many creators, inventors, musicians, traditional culture, book writers and many other works here

Yogyakarta (ANTARA) – Yogyakarta has much higher intellectual property potential than other provinces, said Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Hamonangan Laoly.

“If we (compare) the (rate) of Yogyakarta with other regions, (they have) so many copyrights or trademark rights. Proportionally, Yogyakarta has a lot more (of them) compared to other regions,” Minister Laoly said after a seminar. by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on Intellectual Property, Thursday in Yogyakarta.

The province’s wealth of cultural and natural resources have enabled it to produce several good products, which could potentially earn some stardom in the global market, he said.

“Because there are many creators, inventors, musicians, traditional culture, book authors and many other works here,” he said.

Among the collective intellectual property assets that should be encouraged to enter the international market are products derived from Indonesia’s geographical potential, also known as geographical indication.

The geographical indication could act as a catalyst as it not only functions as a mark for a nation, but also promotes the economic independence of the state, the minister explained.

He cited some examples of such geographical indication products in Yogyakarta, such as Sleman salacca zalaccaKulon Progo coconut sugar and written batik from Yogyakarta.

“There is also a rich potential for collective intellectual property which (has something in common with) the development of tourism,” he said.

Although still ranked eighth nationally in terms of items registered as intellectual property, Yogyakarta has a fairly good track record in his asset list, he said.

“Yogyakarta has an Intellectual Property Office, so we see the advice from Yogyakarta government to encourage creators, inventors (to register their intellectual properties) is pretty good,” he said.

He added that he expected other regions to follow the Yogyakarta government’s lead in helping people register intellectual property.

“Because it is closely linked to national economic development,” the minister added.

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