YK Osiris net worth explored as rapper clears $ 60,000 debt to Drake



First Lil Baby and now Drake, it looks like YK Osiris owes more than one fellow rapper money. Recently, YK performed at Drake’s to pay off his $ 60,000 debt. Since then, fans are curious about his net worth?

YK took to Instagram today, December 2, 2021, to share a video that shows him performing “Worth It” at Drake’s. As of this writing, the rapper’s impromptu performance has recorded over 624,000 views.

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What is YK Osiris Net Worth?

The 23-year-old rapper’s real name is Osiris Jahkail Williams. He signed to Def Jam Recordings in 2019 and is best known for his single “Worth It,” which peaked at No. 48 on the Billboard Hot 100.

According to several outlets such as Rappers Money and Popnable, the rapper is estimated between 700,000 and 1 million dollars.

He often posts photos of himself standing next to luxury cars on his Instagram. However, it is not known how many vehicles he owns.

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Lil Baby claims the rapper owes him

As we told you earlier, Drake isn’t the only one who has asked YK to pay off his debt. Earlier, a video of Lil Baby asking YK to pay him back had circulated the internet.

Lil Baby tells YK to pay him the “5 bands” or $ 5,000 he owes the first one. YK responds by saying, “I could have you today!” I can’t wait to bring it to you! “

Lil Baby says, “My boy owes me $ 5,000, I’m waiting for his next move!”

It’s unclear why YK owes Lil Baby money as neither of them mentioned it.

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Team Seal Trailer | Netflix Futures






Fans wonder why he owes Drake money

While some fans have found YK’s performance at Drake’s entertaining, others wonder why he owes so much money to other rappers.

A demand, “How does YK Osiris owe all this money to all these rappers?”

Another added, “How does YK Osiris earn money? “

“Why the hell could yk osiris owe 60k to drake?” tweeted another.



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