Wyoming’s Teton County in a stratosphere of wealth all its own | State and Area News


Wyoming’s other 22 counties have good company, falling into the bottom tier, occupied by 98% of counties nationwide.

Converse County, where household income exceeds $95,000, tops the list. Nearest bottom: Hot Springs County, where income is about $49,000 per tax return.

Teton County has not always been as wealthy as elsewhere. In the wake of the Great Recession of the 2000s, average household income was only slightly above the Wyoming average.

But change has come in full force.

In 2019, Teton County accounted for 5% of all tax returns filed in the state, while simultaneously accounting for 20% of statewide revenue, according to Schechter. About 35% of Wyoming’s overall investment revenue comes from Teton County, he said, as does 72% of the state’s total charitable contributions.

“It’s a very different world,” Schechter said.

The data points are staggering even when excluding 2020 and 2021, the years when ultra-wealthy COVID-19 migrants began pouring into Jackson Hole. Schechter predicts the revenue data for those years will be “even crazier,” he told subscribers to his CoThrive newsletter.

“Bottom line: If you feel like things are not just crazy, but getting crazy and out of control, there’s a good reason for that,” Schechter wrote.


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