‘With a net worth of $400 million, of course Shaq played a prank on the entire hotel staff by owning him’: When Jimmy Kimmel recalled how Shaquille O’Neal flaunted his wealth with a joke


Shaquille O’Neal has always been one of the most entertaining personalities in the NBA, and Jimmy Kimmel once recapped a story about when Shaq proved that point.

The former Lakers legend is currently one of the hosts of the famous “Inside the NBA” segment on ESPN where he finds hilarious new ways to discuss and analyze the NBA.

There have been countless stories of how Shaquille O’Neal spent huge sums at once. Among other things, he holds the record for the biggest purchase in Walmart’s history, and so he has a reputation for being a big spender.

Shaq’s net worth is enough to meet his lifestyle, but it also gives rise to some crazy stories at times.

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Shaquille O’Neal once tricked everyone into buying a hotel

How much is Shaq worth right now? Well, his net worth currently stands at around $400 million which shows how successful he has been in his career even after the NBA.

He made countless investments, continued his career at ESPN and created a household name for himself. Her celebrity status is huge right now.

In fact, he’s so big that he once tricked the entire hotel staff into thinking he bought the place. Shaq appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and the host explained how Shaq pranked an entire hotel management team.

“I’m thinking of you and I was shooting something for one of your shows,” Kimmel recalled. “And we walked across the street to this hotel and walked into the hotel and of course people are like ‘oh my god, Shaq is at the hotel.’

“People were going crazy. They say “what are you doing here” and you just said to people in a very serious way, “I just bought the hotel”. Everyone believed in it. They didn’t think for a second. They’re like ‘oh wonderful, well, I’m the general manager. It is a pleasure to meet you.'”

It’s a hilarious story for sure, and it just shows what kind of entertaining and charismatic person Shaq is.

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