Who owns Social Gloves and what is Austin McBroom’s net worth?


SOCIAL Gloves Entertainment has responded to reports from June 2021 that the company has filed for bankruptcy.

But who owns the business and are the claims true?


Austin McBroom is the alleged owner of Social Gloves EntertainmentCredit: Getty

Who owns the social gloves?

According to social media watchdog Def Noodles, Austin McBroom is the owner of Social Gloves Entertainment.

McBroom is a YouTuber and TikTok star.

What are social gloves?

Social Gloves Entertainment is a global platform that broadcasts live events that bring boxing and pop culture together.

The last of the events hosted by Social Gloves took place on June 12, 2021 and took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida.

The Battle of the Platforms saw YouTubers and TikTokers clash with the main event with a clash between Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom.

The event, which was a la carte, ended with a knockout victory for McBroom.

What is Austin McBroom’s net worth?

The 28-year-old, married to Catherine Paiz, is estimated at $ 2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

He has over 19 million subscribers to his YouTube channel The ACE Family.

Austin McBroom with his wife Catherine Paiz


Austin McBroom with his wife Catherine PaizCredit: Instagram / austinmcbroom

Why did Social Gloves go bankrupt?

After the June 2021 event, several people closely associated with it came forward to claim they had not been paid.

Josh Richards and Vinnie Hacker appeared on BFF’s podcast and claimed Social Gloves had filed for bankruptcy.

Marcos Villegas, the founder of Fight HubTV, also claimed that the event sold only 136,000 pay-per-view purchases.

McBroom responded to the allegations on Instagram, saying, “We all know the social gloves put on one of the biggest social media events in history that you’ve all watched.”

“The real numbers will be coming out soon. Just be aware that the social gloves are not the ones that collected the ppv numbers / purchases.

“Remember how you looked at him.”

Social Gloves Entertainment released a statement on June 25 stating that they are trying to pay every participant in the event within a “reasonable time”.

The statement also revealed that the company had engaged a leading accounting firm as a “first class forensic auditor” to ensure that “all amounts are properly accounted for”.

Night fight trailer for Austin McBroom’s boxing match against TikTok sensation Bryce Hall


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