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SteveWillDoit was born in Florida on August 26, 1998. The boy is currently 23 and is known to be a social media influencer on Instagram as well as a YouTuber.

Steve graduated from High School in Oviedo and went on to graduate from Frostburg State University.

During his college graduation years, he rose to fame for his heavy drinking after special college events such as prom, dancing, and parties.

Steve is famous for his out-of-the-box content videos where he performs amazing stunts and challenges like drinking an entire bottle of vodka in the shortest amount of time and eating 15 burgers.

Over 1.8 million Instagram users have followed him. Right now, he has a fan on youtube, reaching over 2.4 million subscribers.

Stephen has two siblings; his brother Rocco and his sister Briana. He can be seen uploading vlogs where he shares his habits and lifestyle, but his family information is insufficient.

According to his Instagram user biography, “he’s ‘the healthiest man in the world.’ Many of us wouldn’t know Steve’s real name is Stephen Deleonardis.

Stephen started his career on Instagram in 2017, where he wrote in his Steve Will Do It biography which meant he would take on any challenge under any circumstance.

Fans are very entertained watching Steve’s videos. Learn more about Steve’s personal life and career.

Then he started to take an interest in social media to become a celebrity. In 2017, he joined the youtube channel named NELK, which had over 7 million followers.

Steve is also known to play pranks and collaborate with people from NELK.

Steve then went on to start his channel and opened one with his first published video, which was “Am Taking Over Youtube”. Today, the video has passed one million views.

Since then, Stephen has made various content videos like eating a huge slice of pizza, eating 30 burgers, eating 200 snails in Paris, and drinking 12 beers in 2 minutes.

He never missed any challenge that the public gave him. Audiences are happy to watch his videos, and his channel’s most popular video, which has surpassed 10 million views, is “I Handcuffed Brad Martyn Then Ripped Darts In His Gym”.

Check out SteveWillDoIt’s full biography. What scandals did he face? What is his net worth?

Why did Youtube put him through?

Youtube has specific policies that every user who uploads a video must take into account. Sometimes YouTubers exceed the limits of their content, for which youtube must take strict action.

Steve uploaded a screenshot to Instagram of a message from YouTube stating that his YouTube channel cannot be monetized in the future and set up a new channel because some of his content in the videos went to against YouTube policies.

Steve is he already involved in a scandal?

Steve had another youtube channel named ‘SteveWillDoIt Gam ** ing’ where he released a video with the title, SteveWillDoIt’s Dark Secret – ROOBET’S HOUSE OF CARDS EP. 1.

He then deleted that channel after investigative YouTuber named Cofeezilla, who brought several charges against Steve and other content creators for their game videos.

Coffeezilla was always wary of the way Steve funds his videos when Steve tweeted.

Why was Steve charged with a felony?

According to his Instagram biography, Steve has always been in front of his fans as the healthiest man in the world. But the truth remains to be hidden from some fans.

In 2019, Steve came under heavy criticism for uploading a video where he was seen swallowing an entire bottle of alcohol. This created a little glitch between Steve and Coffeezilla, after which specific actions caused him to remove the video from the channel.

Has Steve ever been arrested?

Apart from his crazy videos, which he uploads for his fans, Steve is addicted to alcohol, cocaine abuse and proclaims himself the healthiest man in the world.

At the age of 21, Steve was arrested along with members of Nelk: Kyle, Salim, Jay and four cameramen. It was the first time Steve had been arrested.

A band crew member named Jesse Sebastian said, “We were on our way to Tampa, Florida and we were shooting a video on the way there and the boys all ended up being pulled over.”

He further explained the incidents after their arrest, stating: “All the filmmakers, a lot of people in front of the camera, Steve, Kyle, Salim, Jay, they literally arrested everyone. We’re on our way to the post of police right now, I just called the lawyer. I’ll give you an update when I find out what happens next.

Steve wasn’t just arrested the first time his addiction had to indict him twice more, making his career a mark that Steve was arrested three times.

Who is Steve dating now?

Steeve fell into a relationship with famous Instagram model Selina Smith midway through her social media career. The couples were happy until they went their separate ways, and reports have surfaced by Steve that Selina is cheating on him for someone.

After this incident, fans were curious about who would get married next. Fans were shocked that Steve and Selina got back together, settling their previous conflicts and moving on in life.

What is the net worth of Stephen Deleonardis?

Stephen didn’t have a very positive net worth at the start. As of 2020, his net worth reports have not been updated to show fans how his success has turned out.

Steves’ career is evolving to new heights, and the social media influencer has started promoting products. His net worth in 2021 reached over $ 3.5 million.

Where is Steve going now?

Steve currently intends to improve his YouTube channel, awakening people’s minds with extraordinary challenges. His new content and his short Instagram strip on his performance allowed him to secure a follow-up of 2.4 million on youtube.

His Instagram and Twitter usernames are attracting new fans. He was also invited on stage by former US President Donald Trump to dance at an event.

Stephen Deleonardis with Donald Trump

Audiences have always loved his stunts, and the only criticism he faced was for his drinking video. As mentioned before, he was famous for drinking after all the events, and it can never be denied that his biography portrays lies about his health.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that fans can’t take their eyes off Stephen when he throws up a food challenge due to his tremendous absorption capacity.



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