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Businessman and film producer Joe francois, best known for being the founder of the Girls Gone Wild franchise, has a long history of success, lawsuits and scandals. After years of enjoying intoxicated spring break college girls and countless celebrity friends including the Kardashians, his net worth is far lower than you might think. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe is worth about $ 25 million. Read on to learn more about his life, family, and how he made his fortune.

It has a history of shock factor productions

Before the Internet, there was Joe Francis. According to his personal website, the film producer “always liked to work” and was “happy” to “make money”. After graduating from the University of Southern California, where he studied business and film, he began working as a production assistant on The real television, a reality TV show that aired footage that isn’t typically seen in mainstream newspapers.

There, workers viewed graphic content, including assaults and car crashes. This is also where Joe got the idea of Forbidden from television. He Joe has authorized footage of disturbing content, including assassinations and executions, a circus elephant rampage, and murders. He sold the tapes through infomercials.

When trying to find videos to include on Forbidden from television, Joe found footage of college girls at Mardi Gras – and the Girls Gone Wild franchise was born in 1997. Celebrity Net Worth reports that the franchise made $ 20 million in its first two years and “generated hundreds of dollars. millions of income during its lifetime ”.

Legal issue

In 2003, four women sued Girls Gone Wild for filming them as minors. Joe has pleaded not guilty to child abuse and prostitution charges. He was sentenced to 339 days in prison, according to Fox news.

In 2011, he brought three women to his home who claimed he was holding them against their will. He was charged with three counts of forcible confinement, one count of assault causing grievous bodily harm and one count of dissuading a witness. He was convicted of all five counts, by Hollywood journalist. In an interview with the outlet, he said “every ‘jury member’ should be euthanized.”

The IRS is not a fan of the filmmaker either. In 2007 he was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of tax evasion and the Justice Department alleged that he claimed over $ 20 million false deductions in 2002 and 2003. He pleaded guilty in 2009 and paid $ 250,000 in restitution, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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In 2007, he accumulated $ 2 million in debt at one of Steve Wynn’s casinos in Las Vegas. According to TMZ, Joe claimed that the real estate developer threatened to kill him. Steve sued for comments and the jury ruled in his favor in 2012 and he was awarded $ 40 million. An appeals court upheld the decision but reduced the costs to $ 19 million, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Ultimately, after a series of lawsuits and legal battles, Girls Gone Wild filed for bankruptcy in 2013 to prevent Steve from taking over the company’s assets. the New York Post claims the company was once worth $ 100 million.

According to The sunJoe was arrested in Mexico in 2020 after grabbing a woman by the neck and spat on her in an attempt to give her COVID-19. He was reportedly diagnosed with the virus the day before the incident. After being remanded in custody on August 13, 2020, he was released on September 8 after the victim allegedly “forgives”. The charges were dropped on the condition that the businessman completed six months of psychological therapy – law enforcement said the six months were over.

He met his ex and the mother of his twins, Abbey Wilson, through Girls Gone Wild

Abbey Wilson won Girls Gone Wild’s “Search for the Hottest Girl in America” ​​contest in 2012 and started dating Joe. In 2013, after filing for bankruptcy, they fled to Mexico.

Joe Francis with Abbey Wilson
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The couple then got binoculars. According to Us weekly, Kourtney kardashian and Scott disick were the first people the then couple spoke to. The twins were born on October 7, 2014.

In July 2021, Joe took Instagram to claim that her ex stole $ 250,000 from her and “kidnapped” their daughters “out of their sleep” and kept them for six months.

“What a gold digger. Abbey Wilson is holding my daughters hostage and trying to get me money. It’s clear and simple, ”he wrote at the time.

He continued to publish articles about his ex, including calling her “child molester»In September 2021.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ in December 2021, Abbey ignored a court order allowing Joe to see their daughters and they “fell out of the network.” The outlet claims Abbey has been charged with “domestic violence” but authorities have been unable to serve her as she has yet to be found. Joe claimed on her Instagram that she “kidnapped»Them on December 26, 2021.



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