Who is Amanda Cronin and what is her fortune?


MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Amanda Cronin is on Channel 4 TONIGHT, February 14, 2022, with The Real Housewives of Belgravia.

The former model has ten staff who run her impressive home in Belgravia and has revealed she has just bought a mansion around the corner for £3million to renovate with the hope of selling it for £11million pound sterling.


Meet Amanda CroninCredit: Lauren Fleishman

Who is Amanda Cronin?

Amanda Cronin is a 45-year-old fashion, beauty, lifestyle and celebrity influencer.

She is renowned for her travels around the world and her participation in major social events.

Over the past year, Amanda has focused on being a brand ambassador-influencer.

She is currently represented by @johnnoelmanagement

Amanda is the co-founder of Amanda Caroline Skincare, a skincare brand that sells serums and creams to fight the visible signs of aging.

She currently has over 59,000 followers on Instagram.

On her Instagram, you can expect to see gorgeous beauty photos of the blonde mermaid.

Just search for the handle @amandacarolinecronin to find her account.

Amanda Cronin's Net Worth Undisclosed


Amanda Cronin’s Net Worth UndisclosedCredit: Instagram

What is Amanda Cronin’s net worth?

It is currently unknown what Amanda’s exact net worth is, but it is said to be somewhere in the millions.

The influencer lives in her £12million Mayfair home and £10million jewelery collection.

Although she likes to show off her exclusive lifestyle, she mentions that she experiences a lot of abuse online from people who accuse her of being a prostitute.

“You’re not allowed to be rich, successful, pretty and fun,” she says. “They say ‘there must be something wrong with you. You must be a whore.

Is Amanda Cronin married?

Although Amanda dropped her suitor in 2019, the socialite still accepted a massive diamond ring worth $250,000.

She is currently dating a Canadian, whose name she refuses to reveal.

Amanda gave birth to her one and only child, a girl named Sofia Alexandra Yaganeh in 1996 with her ex-partner, Mark Daeche.

She met Mark while vacationing in Monaco at a family dinner and the couple got engaged after a year of dating, but ended up going their separate ways after seven years.

Sofia attended Hill House International Queensgate School for Girls in her early years before going to Parsons School in Manhattan, New York.

Sofia is now an aspiring artist to whom her mother describes her as “caring and sensitive”.


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