What is Jerry Lewis net worth?


THE famous comedian spent 70 years in the entertainment industry before passing away in 2017.

Lewis made his fortune from his many acclaimed gigs in film, television and on stage.


Portrait of Jerry Lewis, taken in 1963

Who was Jerry Lewis?

Jerry Lewis, born in 1926 in Newark, New Jersey, was a famous actor, singer and comedian.

Lewis began performing on stage at just 15 years old and continued performing until his death at 91.

Lewis’ first big gig was performing on stage alongside Dean Martin, where the duo performed ad lib comedy routines at a New York club. In 1950, they signed with NBC to host The Comedy Hour weekly.

From there Lewis went on to work in several films including The Nutty Professor and Rock-A-Bye-Baby.

Lewis has continued his comedy career by performing on stage, writing, directing and acting in films throughout his career. He won both an Oscar and an Emmy during his time as a performer.

Lewis struggled with various health issues throughout his life, including diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. Eventually, he died of heart failure.

What is Jerry Lewis net worth?

Lewis had a long and illustrious career and saved some of his assets for many years.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Lewis was worth $50 million before his death.

Lewis left behind six children. One of his sons committed suicide in 2009. Lewis had six sons with his first wife, then adopted a daughter with his second wife.

His only daughter, Danielle Lewis, turns 29 today, making her 30 to 40 years younger than her half-siblings.

Jerry Lewis receiving an award in Las Vegas, 2015


Jerry Lewis receiving an award in Las Vegas, 2015Credit: Getty

Was Jerry Lewis married?

Lewis married twice in his life. He had six children with his first wife, Patti Palmer, to whom he was married from 1944 to 1980.

His second wife, SanDee Pitnick, was with Lewis when he died in 2017. The two married in 1983 and shared a daughter.

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