What is Ed Buck’s net worth? Donor accused of preying on gay black men gave Dems $ 500,000



A wealthy Democratic donor is currently on trial after being charged with administering lethal doses to two men, running a drug house and convincing others to travel for sex play in order to satisfy a fetish. Ed Buck is accused of attacking gay black men in sex games and injecting them with methamphetamine and the “date rape drug”.

Reports suggest the 66-year-old, who was once linked to Democrats like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Gavin Newsom, could face a life sentence if convicted of nine crimes he currently faces . The trial began on Tuesday, July 13, where the opening statement recounted the times Gemmel Moore, 26, and Timothy Dean, 55, died after a number of people were injured at Buck’s home after receiving methamphetamine. Moore died on his floor in 2017 while Dean died 18 months later. Buck was arrested in September 2019. While Buck through his attorneys insisted that all activity at his home was consensual, the US attorney’s office should present witnesses to tell their horrific stories.


The Decline and Fall of Ed Buck: A Sordid Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Politics

Democratic megadonator Ed Buck arrested after third overdose at home in two years

Prosecutors said Buck primarily targeted vulnerable black gay men because he paid them to come to his house and encouraged them to use drugs and participate in sex games themselves. Carlos Sinclair was one of his alleged victims, who was released from a homeless camp three years ago and moved to Buck’s apartment in West Hollywood to participate in sex fetish drug games, according to a testimony.

Journalist Jasmyne Cannick told Washington ExaminerSinclair was forced to take GHB, the “date rape drug,” and methamphetamine. At one point, he fell unconscious after smoking drugs and later found Buck on top of him. Buck was injecting him with crystal meth. Cannick recounted Sinclair’s testimony: “’When I woke up, Ed Buck was sitting on top of me and facing me, injecting me with crystal meth. ‘Don’t move because there’s a needle in your arm.’ Carlos said he felt raped. Also, once Sinclair was high on GHB and was about to drink a strong alcoholic drink, he was stopped by Buck, who also allegedly told him, “I don’t need another death (N -word) on my couch. “

Ed Buck (C) interrupts the campaign event of Republican Party of California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman (Photo by Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Buck was also charged with physical abuse after repeatedly slapping Sinclair in the face. He also allegedly set Sinclair’s genitals on fire after paying him $ 500, according to testimony. Another alleged victim of Buck is Dane Brown, who was living in a hotel on Skid Row when he met Buck on Adam4Adam, an online gay dating site. Court documents said that during the summer of 2019 he moved to Buck’s home, where he was injected with methamphetamine almost every day for five weeks. He is expected to testify in the coming days of the trial.

Lawyer Hussain Turk told the Washington Examiner, “In general, Ed Buck enjoys chatting and observing the physical pain and suffering of vulnerable young black men. He starts giving them too much [drugs] and looks at them lying on the ground in front of him, suffering and clinging to life. In some cases, he watches them die.

“For some reason he developed this kinky and dangerous fetish. Because of who he is he was able to get away with it for many years and now is the time for him to be held responsible for the harm he has inflicted on so many people, ”added Turk, whose legal team spoke with a lawyer. number of witnesses before bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against Buck.

According to reports, two drug counts and one battery charge were filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. But no death charges have been filed. It has been said that the case will be heard in court on September 23.

What is Ed Buck’s net worth?

Buck is a businessman as well as a political activist. The Ohio native is said to have made a big fortune running and selling data services company Gopher Courier. It is said that since 2000, he has donated more than $ 500,000 to Democratic causes and candidates.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (left) confronts Ed Buck (right) who disrupted the campaign event for Republican Party of California candidate for governor Meg Whitman (Photo by Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Buck is reportedly best known for his 1986 “Mecham Watchdog Committee” campaign. The exact information about her net worth is not known, but some reports put her at around $ 15 million, while others have stated her to be between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

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