What is Bray Wyatt’s net worth?



Bray Wyatt’s exit from WWE shocked the wrestling industry. A third-generation superstar, Wyatt was one of WWE’s few local talents. His outstanding work over the previous decade elevated him to legendary status, destined to succeed The Undertaker as WWE’s supernatural force.

Things didn’t work out that way. And now, for the first time in his wrestling career, Wyatt is a free agent.

Starting his career with the wrestling giant in 2009, Bray Wyatt has proven his creative intellect by transforming his gimmick on multiple occasions and gaining support from the WWE Universe. Here’s what wrestling legend Booker T said about Bray Wyatt on his Hall of Fame podcast

“Bray Wyatt was a talent. Will he be missed? Of course. Can he be replaced? I don’t think so, because I think Bray Wyatt was one of those guys who was kind of like a comeback. back. look at Bray Wyatt because of his wrestling ability or something. He’s kind of like Jake “The Snake” Roberts. He could get you into the building. He could do it just by whispering … He’s like one of the Mick Foleys in the world – they don’t come too often, ”said Booker T.

What is Bray Wyatt’s net worth?

Sources said Bray Wyatt’s net worth in 2019 was US $ 850,000. However, as reported on SportsKeeda last year, Bray Wyatt received an annual salary of $ 1 million in 2020. His salary did not include merchandise sales royalties or PPV bonuses.

There has been no official information regarding Bray Wyatt’s net worth in 2021. Therefore, we can only speculate at this time.

According to reports, there had been talks within WWE to release Bray Wyatt, but Vince McMahon and other WWE officials close to him repeatedly refused. Wyatt has been inked in pencil for many post-WrestleMania events, including a SummerSlam match against Drew McIntyre, but those plans didn’t turn out to be true.

Now that he’s out of WWE, which promotion should Bray Wyatt sign with? Post your opinion in the comments area!

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