What is Andrew Tate’s net worth as Coffeezilla reviews Hustler University?


YouTuber Coffeezilla recently reviewed Andrew Tate’s University Hustler, and fans are wondering how much the latter is worth in 2022.

Andrew has become one of the most searched people on the internet today. In the past seven days, the commentator has had more Google searches to his name than YouTube star MrBeast and even Elon Musk.

Like Andrew’s hotspots on various topics, his online community, Hustler’s University, has also been growing in popularity over the past few months.

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What is Andrew Tate net worth?

As reported by Essentially Sports, Andrew claimed his net worth is between $300-350 million while appearing on the BBF podcast, hosted by Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards and Brianna Chickenfry.

BioOverview.com, however, claims the internet personality is worth $250 million.

The 35-year-old is American-British and is a former kickboxer. His website calls him a “three-time ISKA Kickboxing World Champion and Enfusion Live Champion.”

It also states that Andrew won his first ISKA Kickboxing title in Derby, England on April 25, 2009.

Andrew went on to win four major fights on Enfusion Live against David Radeff, Marino Schouten, Laszlo Szabo and Marlon Hunt in 2013.

The former kickboxer is now a popular internet personality and is known for his radical views and confrontations with HasanAbi and xQc.

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YouTuber Coffeezilla reviews Andrew Tate’s Hustler University

YouTuber Coffeezilla, aka Stephen Findeisen, took to his YouTube channel on Tuesday, August 1, and posted a video about Andrew’s Hustler’s University. The video was titled, “I joined the cult of Andrew Tate and it was worse than I thought.”

“Understanding Hustleversity requires a deep understanding of Andrew Tate’s appeal, so we can understand why Hustleversity is so popular despite being so bad,” Coffeezilla says in his video.

“I’m disappointed,” the YouTuber said, saying the course didn’t provide anything someone couldn’t have learned for free. He goes on to explain how Hustler University works, revealing that it operated through Discord chat rooms.

“In these chat rooms, where your instructors have a fraction of Tate’s charisma, you’re supposed to engage in those skills that are at the super superficial level.”

YouTuber Coffeezilla, who has over a million subscribers, called the university ‘big bait’

He also said that while Hustler University claims to make its people rich, its definition of how rich it can make you is distorted. He revealed that the university had asserted that $5,000 qualified as cash rich.

The YouTuber comically says, “The lifestyle we’ve been sold here is exotic Bugattis, not extra Starbucks biscotti.”

Did Andrew respond to Coffeezilla’s Hustler University review?

No, at the time of this article‘s publication, Andrew has not responded to Coffeezilla’s review of his online business.

However, the star is aggressively promoting Hustler University on his Twitter, urging his followers to join the $49 per month course.

“No bulls**t, no fluff, just hard-hitting money-making lessons. Comprehensive resources, comprehensive lesson plans, everything you need to get rich and it all starts with you earn your first money TODAY,” its website claims about the course.

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