Wake Forest scored 70 points with 17 minutes of possession against the military


The defense wasn’t very present on Saturday in the Wake Forest-Army game at West Point, but it sure made for an entertaining game. And although they only had a seven-point lead early in the fourth quarter, the No.16 Demon Deacons beat the Black Knights, 70-56, in a contest where Army alone hit the top.

In a game with 18 combined touchdowns, there is a lot to break down and analyze. But perhaps the game’s most interesting and craziest statistic is that Wake Forest won with 70 points on a meager possession time of 17:17. It’s incredible; 70 points in just 17 minutes averages about four points for every minute of possession.

It’s so impressive that it’s actually kinda unbelievable. But such stats don’t come without a few monster games, and this game was packed with them as well.

As CBS Sports Network noted during the game, there were seven touchdowns for at least 40 yards, and Wake Forest accounted for six.

Just wild. Here’s a look at each of Wake Forest’s massive touchdowns.

This play gave Wake Forest a 14-7 lead midway through the first quarter, and the drive was 1:19.

With another drive of just a minute, the Demon Deacons found the end zone after just four games and a 67-second drive. That score gave them a 21-14 lead.

The 82-yard three-game command took 66 seconds and gave Wake Forest a 35-28 lead early in the third.

The Hartman-Roberson connection looked largely unstoppable on Saturday. Hartman finished the game completing 23 of 29 passes for 458 yards (!!) and five touchdowns, while Roberson led the Demon Deacons receiving body with eight catches for 157 yards and three touchdowns.

A brilliant defensive moment here. Army attempted a false punt in the 4th and 5th with about six minutes remaining in the third quarter. But it really, really didn’t work, and Redd picked Army quarterback Cade Ballard and returned him for a massive pick-six and a 42-28 lead.

One play, 75 yards, 14 seconds. It certainly helps when you finally score 70 points in just over 17 minutes. The touchdown pushed Wake Forest to a 49-35 lead with about five minutes left in the quarter.

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