Vow forms new automation joint venture


By Dominic Chopping

Norway’s Vow ASA announced on Friday that it has agreed with Controlpartner to form an automation joint venture that aims to develop digitalized control systems primarily for the Vow Group.

Controlpartner is a technology company specializing in digitized automation and maintenance systems and has been a partner and supplier of the Vow Group for many years. This collaboration will now become a formal partnership, which will advance both parties technologically and commercially, Vow said.

“Vow develops and builds advanced process technologies and systems for waste management in the maritime and land-based industries,” said Managing Director Henrik Badin.

“With Vow Automation, we will increase our capacity and secure access to expertise that will guarantee the quality of all our deliveries as we continue to expand.”

Vow, which develops solutions to purify wastewater and convert waste into clean energy and biocarbon, said Vow Automation will be based at the offices of Vow subsidiary Scanship in Tonsberg, Norway.

Scanship will own 50.1% of Vow Automation AS, with Control Invest AS owning 49.9%, Vow said.

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