Undeserved possessions will alter your senses


The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, has told judicial officers in the country that undeserved material possessions will weaken their reputation and sense of judgment.

The CJN agreed that Nigeria needed honest judges who would promote the rule of law.

Ariwoola spoke on Friday in Abuja at the swearing-in of the new Acting President of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Customary Court of Appeal, Justice Stanley Lawal.

“A lure with undeserved material possessions will not only weaken your reputation, but also impair your sense of judgment,” he said.

He said that was not his wish for the newly appointed judge.

According to him, “Nigeria is currently plagued by a myriad of problems that require sincere and honest interventions by judicial officers.

“We hear about corruption in various forms, murders, kidnappings, armed robbery, banditry and all forms of terrorism against the state and citizens.

“More often than not, these cases end up in court for a fair and proper adjudication.

“At the bottom two rungs of the judicial ladder, you are there to represent our interests and crystallize the image of Nigerian justice by delivering justice in all matters that come before your Lordship.”

The CJN advised Judge Lawal to always be very careful and vigilant as well.

Ariwoola said, “In everything you do in judgment, you must consult your God, the Constitution and your conscience.

“Always keep in mind, as I believe you always have, that at every stage of your life, someone somewhere is right behind you and taking note of your every conduct.

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“We often hear about all sorts of shenanigans from certain judicial officers, especially at the bottom of the ladder.

“I would like Your Lordship to remember that fate has placed upon your shoulders this tremendous responsibility of leading your brethren the judges and entire staff of the FCT Customary Court of Appeal.”

So he asked His Lordship not to fail or falter.

“At the crossroads where we find ourselves in Nigeria today, we sincerely and passionately seek a generation of judicial officers who will be role models capable of confidently raising the banner of honesty, integrity and righteousness.

“The current situation in the country needs nothing less than this. You must strive to prove your judicial and administrative ingenuity to earn an enduring reputation in the annals of Nigerian justice.

“This is a compulsory exercise which requires aligning the conscience of our magistrates with good conduct, the fear of God and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which we have all solemnly sworn to uphold in all circumstances” , said the CJN.

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