‘Undercover Boss’ Season 11: What is Coco Bakery CPO Warren Boone’s net worth?


The Season 11 finale of “Undercover Boss” will see Coco’s Bakery Human Resources Manager Warren Boone don a disguise and learn more about the organization he is an integral part of. While undercover, Boone will visit various outlets and assist employees by performing multiple tasks. In one case, Boone will work with Art, general manager of one of Coco’s Bakery restaurants, and store deliveries.

It will be a bit difficult for him to complete these tasks because Art will tell him to complete these tasks as fast as possible. Now, the employee does not know that he is assisting the CPO of the company who is quite impressed with his work. Boone will experience what College HUNKS founders Hauling Junks and Moving Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman and Sharon M Leite, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe also experienced undercover.


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Boone has been in the food and beverage industry for over 25 years now and has achieved a lot. Let’s get to know how much he has earned over the years.

Warren Boone, Director of Human Resources, Coco’s Bakery Restaurants and Art (General Manager) on “Undercover Boss” Season 11 (CBS)

Education and professional qualifications

Boone attended the University of Phoenix and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Business Administration). After getting his bachelor’s degree, he went to the University of Southern California to earn a master’s degree in integrated design, business, and technology. Professionally, he started with Blinker International as a recruitment manager and was promoted to human resources manager. He worked in the company for over 13 years and left in 2004 before joining Islands Restaurants as Director of Recruitment.

He held various positions such as Director of Human Resources and Legal Operations during his time with the organization. During his last 5 years with the company, he was named Vice President of Human Resources and Legal Operations.

Warren Boone, Human Resources Manager, Coco’s Bakery Restaurants in “Undercover Boss” Season 11 (CBS)

In October 2020, he joined Shari’s Management Corporation as Director of Human Resources. It overlooks Shari’s, Coco’s Bakery and Carrows Brands.


Boone is a Certified Human Resources Professional with extensive experience in all aspects of Human Resources for public and private organizations. Other than that, he has expertise in legal, strategic planning, talent acquisition, talent management, people development, performance management, risk management, and payroll.

Does Coco Bakery have success with people?

It all started in 1948 with one restaurant in California and today there are over 70 Coco’s Bakery restaurants across the western United States, including California, Arizona and Nevada.

On Trip Advisor, it has a rating of 4 out of 5 after 592 reviews. One of the customers gave the restaurant 5 stars and said the food was excellent and also applauded the service. The average food rating is four while the average restaurant service rating is 4.5.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurants in California (Coco’s Bakery)

According to Zoom Info, Coco’s Bakery’s annual revenue is over $5 million. Meanwhile, parent company Shari’s Management Corporation is valued at $304 million by Rocket Reach.

What is Warren Boone’s net worth?

Boone has been in the industry for over 25 years and he is a force to be reckoned with. As of now, there is not much information available about his salary and net worth, but according to reports, the CPO of Coco’s Bakery is worth millions of dollars.

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