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You have probably heard of the Law of attraction (LOA) now. Its many supporters are well known and widely publicized. While the practices of LOA are often seen as the prerogative of the “woo-woo” or the spiritual, they undoubtedly contain a great deal of truth. In fact, the Bible even talks about it.

You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;
even the difficult paths are overflowing with abundance. – Psalm 65:11

LOA practices aim to attract more of what you are focusing on. Basically – manifesting your thoughts in reality. In fact, it’s about harnessing the way our brains work, specifically the reticular activation system (RAS), buried in our subconscious. The purpose of this part of our brain is to allow us to focus on the things necessary for survival.

As cavemen, we needed potential food to make us stand out – things like ripe fruit, animals we could hunt, and non-toxic plants. We also needed (and still do) to be able to assess danger and act quickly, which is why we evolved part of our brain to process information for us and bypass it. decision-making phase.

The problem with SAR in a modern context is that it has not caught up with society. It is not ruled by our intellect. We cannot ask him directly to find something for us. It operates on programming that is fed to it by evolution and emotional energy. RAS pulls us towards something or pushes us away from something. But that doesn’t mean we can’t train him to work for us.

So how can we use our RAS to our advantage?

First, think about how much you use the autopilot each day. If you have kids, run a business, and run a household, it’s “go-go-go” all day, every day. How do you remember to lock the house when you leave in the morning? Do you remember turning off the light when you left the bathroom? How about where you leave your keys?

All of these things are usual. Your keys, for example, likely have a designated hook or bowl that you leave them in when you get home. Because you have made a habit of putting them there every time you come home, your RAS blocks the action of your memory and just takes care of the physical action for you.

This allows you to stay focused on the important tasks, whatever they may be. Here’s the thing, though: your RAS is pretty unbiased when it comes to its priorities. It’s really only concerned with your survival. And the programming that covers this is simply even equal in security.

Because your daily actions have so far not resulted in your demise, your subconscious is seeking to preserve the status quo. The problem is, the status quo could be a toxic relationship, drug addiction, or something stopping you from achieving your dreams. That’s why it’s so hard for people to break out of patterns that don’t serve them.

We need to start introducing new programming into our subconscious as if we are already living in a new status quo. This is what LOA practices can help you do, and if they speak to you, I encourage you to pursue them. But we can start with something much simpler: practicing gratitude.

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What does practicing gratitude really mean?

Gratitude takes practice for most of us. We all know people who just can’t stop complaining about their lives, despite living in one of the most advanced, prosperous, and abundant periods in history. They sit there complaining about everything, not realizing the irony that they are creating this reality for themselves. It is the indifference of the RAS to what you really want in action. These people have locked themselves into a tale of their lives – a tale that portrays them as poor “broke” victims of a cruel world. Armed with this, their RAS searches for evidence to back it up and ruthlessly, it will find it.

This is what people often call “confirmation bias”. It is your subconscious programming that guides your conscious experience of the physical world, without your knowledge. It’s how you frame the world that creates your experience of it, which brings us back to that Bible verse from before.

You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;
even the difficult paths are overflowing with abundance. – Psalm 65:11

What this Psalm is about is about the power of Thanksgiving and the practice of gratitude. If we take the enlarged view of the coming year and the “crown” (i.e., look at it in the context of) a bountiful harvest, all the trials and tribulations that we might face will be in the background of abundance.

That’s what these moaners struggle with: context. They are struck from crisis to crisis, seeing themselves as the victims of an unusually harsh reality. If they could “top their year with a bountiful harvest,” they would find that this is all part of a bigger picture. Everything is at the service of their abundant life.

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Train your brain with the practice of gratitude.

To start finding business growth opportunities, resources you didn’t know you had, and moving towards a life of abundance, start practicing gratitude for the little things.

Your RAS (as discussed) is impartial. He doesn’t differentiate between a small thing and a big thing. It is also inspired by your emotional reaction to events. This is why trauma may continue to govern behavior long after the event has passed, and even after it has faded from conscious memory. The benefit to us is that we can celebrate finding a dime like it’s a million dollars, and our RAS will see it as a huge payoff.

Do it consistently and you’ll start to notice more and more to be thankful for. Look around now and choose something. You might have a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee in front of you. Perhaps you are sitting in your favorite comfortable chair. Whatever it is, find it and celebrate it. Feel that warm feeling of comfort it gives you. Focus on all the good feelings these things evoke and celebrate them as if they are proof that your dream life is manifesting.

It may seem fallacious and forced at first. But once you are able to regularly observe all that you can be thankful for in your orbit, you will begin to see the change.

Do this in your business as well. There are always challenges that arise daily, but practice gratitude for the good things. and challenges, because it is through these that you demonstrate your ingenuity.

Remember: you are creating the reality you live in. You can choose to change this at any new time. Start with gratitude and see how incredible abundance begins to show up for you. Do this regularly for a year and I promise you will look back and realize how much your life has changed.

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