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The first Matrix 4 trailer launched in early September and gave a preview of the highly anticipated film.

At the end of August, Warner Bros. revealed the name of the new Matrix installation as Matrix resurrections and announced the trailer at CinemaCon. The trailer officially premiered a week later. Directed by Lana Wachowski from the original trilogy, the film is produced by Village Roadshow Productions. The first look at the film gave some idea of ​​what happened to Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann-Moss’ characters Neo and Trinity, respectively. The film brought back several original actors such as Daniel Bernhardt, Lambert Wilson, and Jada Pinkett-Smith with a slew of new ones. Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Yahya Abdul Mateen II have also joined the franchise in mysterious roles.

Matrix resurrections is one of the most anticipated films of 2021, featuring dynamic actors who have had their own successful film careers. Eighteen years after the last installment, each member of the cast has continued their successful career. Here is a look at the cast net worth of Matrix 4.

Daniel Bernhardt ($ 500,000)

Daniel Bernhardt, who played Agent Johnson in The Matrix Reloaded in 2003, is ready to reprise his role. Bernhardt was first seen in the second installment when he had a masterful fight scene with Neo’s Morpheus and Laurence Fishburne. As mentioned by ScreenRant, Bernhardt is a skilled stuntman and martial artist. He starred in several films, including John wick, Birds of prey, and the second installment of The hunger Games. He has a net worth of $ 500,000.

Lambert Wilson ($ 500,000)

While Lambert Wilson did not appear in the new trailer, the French actor is reportedly returning as a Merovingian from The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix revolutions. He played a program that lived in the Matrix and proclaimed himself as the information trafficker. Apart from The matrix installments, Lambert also starred in acclaimed French films, which earned him a net worth of $ 500,000.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ($ 2.5 million)

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has joined the cast of Matrix in the lead role of young Morpheus. The trailer showed Reeves’ Neo forgot about his past, even Trinity. When he meets the character of Abdul-Mateen, the latter offers him a red pill that reads: “It’s time to fly.” The actor confirmed his role via an Instagram post and captioning his character’s name. Abdul-Mateen amassed a net worth of $ 2.5 million through his famous roles in Aquaman, The Chicago Seven trial, We, and Get out.

Carrie-Anne Moss ($ 4 million)

Playing the lead role of Trinity in the Matrix trilogy has been a rewarding experience for Carrie-Anne Moss. She reprized her role as seen in the trailer and appears to not remember Reeves’ character, Neo. After the trilogy, Moss starred in several prominent films, including that of Christopher Nolan Memento, which earned him a Spirit Award, as noted Checklist. She also worked with Steven Spielberg and several TV shows that brought her a net worth of $ 4 million.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas ($ 30 million)

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has joined the star-studded cast as a mysterious character. She appeared briefly in the trailer while reading the book “Alice in Wonderland”. Fans have speculated that she is playing the role of Sati from Matrix revolutions. Before entering Hollywood with his hit show ABC Quantico, Chopra had made over 50 Bollywood films in India. His film career has earned him a net worth of $ 30 million.

Neil Patrick Harris ($ 50 million)

The trailer for Matrix resurrections begins with Neil Patrick Harris as a therapist conversing with Reeves’ distraught character, Thomas / Neo. While Harris is known for his lightweight roles as Barney in how I Met Your Mother and performance on stage, he increased the arousal levels a bit more. Harris has amassed a net worth of $ 50 million through his diverse choice of roles, as stated Boldness.

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Jada Pinkett Smith ($ 50 million)

Jada Pinkett Smith has confirmed to ET Canada that she will reprise her role as Niobe, who appeared in installments two and three of The matrix trilogy. Although her character was not shown in the trailer, everyone should see her as the captain of the Logos hovercraft. In addition to being an actress, Smith is also a producer and businesswoman, which has earned her a fortune of $ 50 million. She currently hosts a talk show, Red round table, with her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris and daughter Willow Smith.

Keanu Reeves ($ 360 million)

Playing the main character, Neo is the legend himself, Keanu Reeves. His character will have an interesting story, given that he has no recollection of his memories. Besides his acting skills, Reeves is one of the most beloved actors in the business and leads a simple life despite his net worth of $ 360 million. He received $ 10 million for the first installment and 10% of the film’s profits and $ 15 million for the second and third installments with 15% of the profits. According to Working women, Reeves reportedly gave $ 75 million of his earnings to the film’s cast and crew, with each member earning $ 1 million. He also donated Harley-Davidson bikes to the stunt team on the set.

Christina Ricci, Jonathan Groff and Jessica Yu Li also joined the cast in mysterious roles in Matrix resurrections. The anticipation for the film is beyond compare as it returns 18 years later. The film is set to hit theaters on December 22 and on the HBO Max streaming platform the same day.

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