The abundance of lies endangers sustainable development – President of the RAS – Science & Space


SIRIUS / Federal Territory /, December 10. / TASS /. The pseudo-information prevalent in modern cyberspace is unverified, which poses a major threat to the sustainable development of mankind as it affects management decisions, the president of the Academy of Sciences said on Friday. Russia, Alexander Sergeyev, at a congress of young scientists.

“Ours is an era of post-truth. It is a universal obsession not to assert what is really true, but to state something that looks like the truth, to catch the public’s attention, to collect millions of views and likes. So you are a This type of situation, where most of the content in cyberspace is not correct, is extremely dangerous from the point of view of the sustainable development of humanity in general, ”said Sergeyev .

Management staff, he pointed out, often make decisions based on information that seems fashionable at the moment.

“They make decisions on the basis of the most valued and cited information. But it is by no means equivalent to genuine knowledge. It can happen the other way around,” he warned.

It is the main task of real scientists to say only things of which they are absolutely certain.

“It is not an easy task. Scientific news is not a gossip column. It needs to be rechecked. It takes time for scientific news to become real news. Many mass media are incapable of it. to understand that. and short-lived affairs, ”he said.

A congress of young scientists is held at the Sirius Science and Arts Park in a federal territory of the same name. The forum is one of the key events of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia and its closing event.


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