Suspect arrested for robbery, felony threatening and drug possession


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) – A man faces multiple charges after a reported robbery just after 10 p.m. Friday outside the Mirage Sports Bar, located near West Coal Mine Avenue and South Wadsworth Boulevard in Littleton.

Deputies say two victims of the robbery reported walking to their car when a tattooed man approached them, told them he had a gun and asked for the keys. One of the victims reportedly called 911 to report the robbery while it was occurring, and during “the conversation with the dispatch, the suspect pulled out a handgun and fired a shot.”

The victims then gave the suspect the keys to the Lexus and the suspect left the scene in his car. Deputies searched the area and found the stolen Lexus in the area near the coal mine and garrison. It was then that deputies carried out a high-risk traffic check and the suspect was taken into custody.

The suspect has been identified as Zakkery Madden, pictured above, and would have been positively identified by the victims.

Deputies searched the area after arresting Madden, but the handgun was not inside the vehicle. The suspect reportedly told deputies that he threw the unloaded weapon from the vehicle; no weapon was found.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office also said it received a call just before 10 p.m. involving the same suspect. A landlord living in the neighborhood near Coal Mine Avenue and South Wadsworth Boulevard in Littleton reported that a “suspicious man with tattoos was looking in his car”. The caller then allegedly punched his FOB key and the man fled. The caller says he got out in his car and continued to watch the suspicious man and two others and started filming them on his phone.

The suspect allegedly lifted his shirt a few times to show the owner a handgun. This incident happened about half an hour before the flight at the Mirage Sports Bar.

Madden was incarcerated in the Jefferson County jail for robbery, felony threatening, reckless endangerment and drug possession.

Anyone with additional information regarding the suspect or the investigation should contact the Jefferson County Inquiry Line at 303-271-5612. If the weapon is found by the public, it should remain intact and immediately reported to law enforcement.

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