“Someone has to be the luckiest guy”


Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, still wakes up in the morning and wonders how his success seems to multiply.

“Somebody has to be the luckiest guy in the world,” Cuban told a packed crowd Thursday at Venture Dallas, a conference for investors and entrepreneurs. “I take it.”

Hustle and hard work helped Cuban amass a fortune that Forbes estimates worth $4.6 billion. He said he agreed to speak at the conference because he wanted to share his experiences with others.

“I wake up every morning and think, ‘How did this happen to me?'” he said. He later gestured that he was “knock on wood” in his chair several times during his speech, feeling lucky for what success has brought him.

One of his newest ventures, the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co., caused a stir when it opened in an effort to disrupt big pharma with low-cost prescription drugs. The company is the only company that Cuba has ever put its name to.

“I’m used to people coming in and like to punch me or yell at me about the Mavs or shark tank“Cuban said, referencing the TV show that made him a household name. “But now, literally, people have come in crying and hugging me.”

The company was launched as a cash-only business, selling generic drugs at discounted prices by cutting out the middleman. It sells the drugs at a flat 15% markup and a pharmacist fee of $3. He said this is just the start of his journey into healthcare, where he sees himself having an impact.

The Mavericks aren’t the only team he owns, either. He embraced the growing popularity of pickleball.

The VIBE Pickleball League was officially launched as an elite professional pickleball league for tag team competition, with Cuban as the team owner.

He is friends with another Dallas billionaire, Tom Dundon, owner of the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL and an avid pickleball player. Dundon recently launched Pickleball.com, a one-stop website allowing casual players to choose a paddle or find a local court, while also providing more serious fans with live coverage of the Professional Pickleball Association.

“We’re going to come in and dominate the pickleball industry,” he said.

Asked in front of the crowd about a presidential race, Cuban laughed. Some in the crowd responded by shouting, “Do it!

“No,” Cuban told the crowd. “Imagine what I look like shouting at the referees. Can you imagine me in the Senate?

Cuban reaffirmed his commitment to continue for one more year shark tank and after that, it’s “to be determined”. He said he wanted to spend more time with his family, especially his eldest daughter, who is in college.

Mark Cuban (right) reacts during a conversation with Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital, Thursday at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.(Juan Figueroa / personal photographer)

The interviewer was Arlan Hamilton, a black venture capitalist who received a $6 million investment from Cuban. She founded Backstage Capital in 2015 and her firm only invests in businesses led by women, people of color, or those who identify as LGBTQ.

“You treat me like you treat white men, which is a compliment because you’ll tell them when you don’t like something,” Hamilton told Cuban. “You tell me when you don’t like something. And I’ll never have to guess where I stand with you.

He wanted entrepreneurs to come away with the idea of ​​absorbing everything around them.

“Being an entrepreneur is being curious,” Cuban said. “Always learning, always competing. Always sell. You need to be the best salesperson in your business.

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