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Shion Yorigami is a god of poverty. This sounds impressive, but in Eastern mythology the concept of “god” is much more vague and rapid than in Western religion. You don’t have to be an omnipotent deity, or a creative force to be a god – even an object could become a god, if people believe it to be. They always have the former, of course – you can turn to Kanako Yasaka for a more immediate example of a high and mighty god demanding worship, and if you’re looking for a creator myth, there are gods like Amateratsu or Iizanami. But Shion firmly falls into the latter camp – more a force of nature that humans believe in than any sort of powerful force of creation.

For a very long time, she and her sister, Joon Yorigami, embarked on a litany of small, get-rich-quick schemes. Sadly, despite being a goddess of misfortune capable of bringing bad luck herself, Shion was not immune to her powers – she was far more unlucky than average, to the point that she racked up explosions. bad luck. to herself and to those around her. For a while she was complacent with this life, not really caring about anything (why bother when she lost any wealth she got her hands on?), Until one day she and her sister worked out a plan to steal a Prismriver gig. This led to the events of Antimony of the Common Flowers, then Shion met Tenshi Hinanawi, a celestial who was blessed with endless luck. Luck directly thwarted Shion’s misfortune and the two quickly became friends, leading Shion to slowly take on a more positive outlook on life and become more independent.

In LostWord, Shion is both a fantastic debuffer and a devastating attacker. The highlight of his kit is certainly his extremely powerful skills: Hi no Kuruma applies 2 coats of the powerful Burn Barrier Status to all enemies for 2 turns, Default on Debt connect them with 2 levels of Yang DEF & Yin DEF DOWN for 2 turns, then Bad luck aura ruin your enemies with 2 levels of Evasion DOWN for 2 turns (plus 2 more levels for the primary target!). Combined, these debuffs allow you to skip the full break altogether in many cases, above all if you line up Yin attackers.

This is not all she has to offer, as all of her Spell Cards are also very valuable. Poor’s Sign: Super Poverty Bomb gives him a whopping 1 Spirit Power UP as well as a slightly above average 1/1/3 solo targeting Fire Breaks for 0/1/2 Spirit Power. Then, Dispersion of bad luck can apply 2 levels of DOWN Evasion for 2 turns (as well as 2 levels of DOWN Accuracy if you like defensive strategies), plus a slightly above average 1/1/3 Fire Breaks for 0/1/2 Spirit Power. Finally, if they still have health (or money) left, his Solo targeting Last Word, The lost 20 years, will completely erase a single target. This is due to a combination of the Yin DEF DOWN & Burn of his skills, as well as the other 3 levels of Yin DEF DOWN to which the last word applies. It doesn’t matter if they resist Fire, since his character ability, Able to make people unlucky, including herself, causes him to deal 40% more damage to resistances. This makes her fantastic for both farming and assassinating a priority target with a devastating burst that doesn’t even require setup time, although using it immediately means sacrificing pauses and utility from its Spells. Cards.

All in all, perhaps the worst you can say about Shion is that Solo targeting the last words is more specialized than all of them targeting the last words. She’s fantastic in just about every other area, and does more than just pull her weight even in fights with multiple targets, though sometimes all you do is use her skills and then mark her for someone else. ‘other.


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