Shonen Jump’s Dandadan Returns to What Makes It Great


The ending of the recently released Dandadan Chapter 40 finally revisits yokai possessions with Jiji being possessed by the terrifying Evil Eye yokai.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dandadan Chapter 40!

Dandadan from Shounen jump finally picks up on an overlooked trope that originally captivated readers: Yokai possession.

Part of DandadanThe charm of is the chance that floods its 40 chapters. There really aren’t any major villains for manga heroes Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura aka Okarun to defeat, except for the malevolent yokai placed in the environment and evil aliens who randomly strike at the most inopportune times. to steal certain body parts. But there have always been possessions, which allow the host to transform. Originally, only Okarun received such special treatment when the so-called Turbo Granny took over her body. But then, the Acro-Silky yokai possessed Momo and Okarun’s tenuous ally, Aira Shiratori. Unfortunately, Okarun’s transformations have taken a back seat lately and Aira hasn’t appeared in more than 10 chapters as she is currently looking for allies to destroy Momo.


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But now, since the 40th chapter of Dandadan, the yokai Evil Eye has taken over Momo’s first boyfriend, Jiji. Although this is the third time a yokai has possessed a human, Jiji’s possession shares more similarities with the first and most complicated: when the Turbo Granny took over Okarun’s body. Okarun used to get lost every time he transformed, which was problematic since Turbo Granny is quite destructive. So Momo had to use his powers as a spirit medium to loosen the yokai’s hold on him by only allowing Okarun to partially transform, much like how Broly was controlled in Dragon Ball Z. If given the chance, Turbo Granny would have killed Okarun and his friends. But now her conscience is stuck in a cat statue where she is now at their mercy. Jiji’s possession shares similar sinister overtones to Okarun’s initially since the Yokai Evil Eye completely took control of Jiji for a malevolent cause: to destroy humanity. Meanwhile, Aira’s possession is not only much smoother, but there is no connection between host and parasite, just like Okarun’s now. The Acro-Silky yokai possessed Aira to save the girl’s life but it killed her.

Readers have yet to see how the possessed Jiji will terrorize Okarun and Momo. Momo is unlikely to be able to hold back Jiji’s Spirit Parasite like she does with Okarun, as her latent abilities have just awakened and she cannot fully harness its full power. Momo is already struggling to control Okarun, let alone two possessed. While Momo is unlikely to achieve this in the next few chapters, readers hope she reaches that milestone soon since the way she controls Okarun manifests in various compelling ways. It’s also possible that Jiji could form a relationship with the Yokai Evil Eye, like Okarun and Momo did with Turbo Granny. Although the problematic Turbo Granny is currently an ally and shares her expertise when she can, the alliance is tenuous at best. Her relationship with Okarun and Momo provides a good dose of extra humor, but she’s only their friend because she has no other choice. Jiji and the Evil Eye could make a similar arrangement, especially since Jiji and the yokai have already connected on a deeper level.

In addition to his superb artistic portrayal of yokai in general, mangaka Yukinobu Tatsu has proven his forte includes how he portrays how yokai’s powers manifest and how their forms change as parasites. He is also quite adept at capturing the relationships that arise from these possessions. Sadly, Dandadan had seen a brief lull in that particular department as there hadn’t been such transformations for some time. But Jiji’s recent possession brings that dynamic back in a new and intriguing way that will only serve to make the manga even better.

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