Shaun White Net Worth: Snowboard, Olympic Games + Endorsements



Shaun White first captivated Americans at the age of 19 with long red hair at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin. He won the gold medal after a thrilling halfpipe performance that quickly earned him his iconic “The flying tomato” nickname.

Since then it has become a household name and one of the most decorated and accomplished snowboarders all time. Fans hooked up every time he strapped on a board, and for good reason. He was dominant and it was great to watch.

The triple gold medalist is now 34 years old and no longer dons the beautiful scarlet locks that made him famous, but he’s still worth a large amount of money through lucrative endorsement deals. How much is it worth, however?


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Shaun Roger White was born in San Diego, California, and went through scary things early on. White was born with a Congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot, and he had to undergo several open heart surgeries before he was even 1 year old.

Luckily, White made it out and grew up spending his formative years on the slopes at ski resorts like Bear Mountain in California.

Shaun’s older brother Jesse White was actually the first to jump on a snowboard, and Shaun followed suit. He got his first snowboard sponsorship when he was only 7 years old. Apparently he was also a skateboard prodigy. When he was 9, White met Tony Hawk, who took him under his wing.

Snowboard and skateboard career

White first appeared at the Winter X Games in 2000, but he finished 15th in the SuperPipe, his only event. By 2002, however, White’s snowboarding career was set to take off. He won silver in the SuperPipe and Slopestyle. He also got a lot of attention because of his flowing red hair.

Snowboarder Shaun White was clearly a success, but it was time for skateboarder Shaun White to start showing off his skills as well. White first appeared in a skateboarding event at X Summer Games in 2003, where he finished sixth from green. That same winter, White won his first of many gold medals at the X Games. In 2007 he also added his first gold medal in skateboarding.

White last competed at the X Games in 2017. In total, he became a 15-time gold medalist, 13 times in snowboarding and twice in skateboarding. It’s an X Games record. White won snowboarding too Aerial & Style event in 2003 and 2004. Let’s not forget the Olympics, however.

“The Flying Tomato” first represented the Americans at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, competing in the men’s halfpipe event. He brought home the gold medal in this case.

Four years later, the Olympian traveled to Vancouver in 2010 to defend his gold medal in the halfpipe. Indeed it just do that. the 2014 olympic games turned out less well, as White finished fourth, but returned for the 2018 Winter Olympics to try to make up for that.

Although he suffered a severe facial injury which required 62 stitches in training for the 2018 Olympics, White was still competing. Not only that, he also won gold. This gave White three Olympic gold medals, more than any other snowboarder.

Shaun White’s Net Worth

In addition to his numerous medals, White has won 10 ESPY Prize, which testifies to its popularity and notoriety. He is the most famous snowboarder in the world, which by proxy makes him one of the most famous skateboarders. In fact, in 2008 Ubisoft released a video game called “Shaun White Snowboard. “It makes him the Tony Hawk of snowboarding.

Over the years, White has also made a ton of money from approval agreements. This includes Burton Snowboards and Birdhouse Skateboards, of course, but a lot more. White has made deals with Red Bull, Oakley, Target and even Hewlett-Packard. At its peak, Forbes reported that White made $ 9 million in endorsements in 2008.

White made a few acting, although still cameo like himself. He was in “Friends with Benefits”, the original Disney Channel movie “Cloud 9” and the Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger”.

Like many people, “The Flying Tomato” also thinks of himself as a musician. He performed in a group called Bad things, although it also led to the nadir of his personal life when the group’s drummer, Lena Zawaideh, accused him of sexual harassment. They colonized out of court. In the past, Blanc has also dated the musician Sarah Barthel from the Phantogram group.

He is currently dating the actress Nina Dobrev, who sort of has more Instagram followers than he does. The king of the halfpipe and the star of “Vampire Diaries” started dating in April 2020.

On the flip side of musical dilettantism, Celebrity Net Worth called White an “underground real estate mogul.” He apparently owns luxury properties in Los Angeles, Malibu and New York, some of which have sold for a big profit.

Overall, Shaun White has a estimated net worth of $ 60 million. That’s an impressive fortune for a guy who is only 34 years old. The Flying Tomato could retire if it wanted to.



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