Ryan Gosling’s fortune: The fortune of new Ken doll from the movie ‘Barbie’


Ryan Thomas Gosling is an actor, director and screenwriter from Ontario, Canada, who started his career in cinema in 1999, but since his childhood he has already shown certain qualities to shine in the entertainment industry.

His first steps

He and his only sister even sang at weddings, and Ryan performed with a family band in tribute to Elvis Presley.

When he was 12, Gosling appeared in The Mickey Mouse Club alongside future stars Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. This may have prompted him to drop out of school years later to become an actor, and he was lucky enough to be considered for small television roles.

Subsequently, the young Canadian actor made the leap into the film industry, where after participating in the filming of The Unbelievables and Remember the Titans, he obtained his first significant recognition thanks to his work in The Believer, which culminated at the Russian Film Guild. Critics Award for Best Foreign Actor and a Chicago Film Critics Association nomination for Best Upcoming Actor.

Unhappy experience as a director

From now on, by Ryan Gosling his career was on the rise until he and Rachel McAdams rose to fame for their performances in Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook in 2004. That year, the Canadian won an MTV Movie Award and four Teen Choice Awards.

Once critically acclaimed, he chose to take a break, and when he returned to acting in 2014, he rose through the ranks to become director, screenwriter and producer of the film Lost River. However, his work was harshly sanctioned by the comments of specialists.

Thus, the following year, he decided to resume his acting work and this put him back on the path to glory.

Several financial experts estimate that Gosling has amassed a net worth of nearly $70 million.


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