Possessed Travis Fimmel and the Paranoid Androids


The second season of “Raised by Wolves” is expected to follow mother (Amanda Collin) and father (Abubakar Salim) as they take their children to a new atheist colony. Their attempts at survival were somewhat unsuccessful, so now they are teaming up with some of the atheist survivors of the Ark crash including Sue (Niamh Algar). Sue’s husband, Marcus (Travis Fimmel), has been possessed and believes himself to be a Mithraic Prophet, and he is an ever-present danger in the Kepler-22b wilderness.

The trailer shows Mother and Father bringing their children to the colony, in the hope that they can find peace and justice. Father is her typically optimistic self, but Mother is seen walking around with a rocket launcher. This follows their roles in Season 1, where Mother was an android built for war, while Father was built for peace. Father is going to have to learn a bit of mother’s ferocity, however, if this trailer is any indication of the types of danger children might face. Not only do android parents have to worry about the maniac Marcus, there’s the whole issue of the creature Mother gave birth to towards the end of last season. His “child” is still there somewhere, and he’s probably starting to grow taller and hungry.

Season 2 of “Raised by Wolves” will premiere on February 3, 2022, streaming exclusively on HBO Max.

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