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A Port Arthur area transient who allegedly carried a knife to another man’s chest and had him remove his clothes while asking for narcotics has been indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury.

Beaumont Police were called in for a theft on November 13 that allegedly took place behind EZ Pawn. The suspect was described as wearing a black shirt, blue sweatpants and had a hammer and knife with him.

Police said an assailant approached another man behind the pawnshop and asked him where the narcotics were located, court documents show. He then put the knife on the man’s chest and forced him to undress. The victim said that clothing, a wallet, a cell phone and Nike shoes with a red “swoosh” were stolen from him.

A suspect, Brodrick Tyrone Walker, 37, was located by police wearing a blue sweatshirt, blue sweatpants and was in possession of a knife and hammer. He was also wearing Nike shoes and had the victim’s identity card and social security card, police said.

Walker was also charged with possession of cocaine following an incident on October 9.

Dutch police were called on 2100 FM 365 when a suspicious man crouched behind a dumpster called.

When police spoke to Walker, he allegedly said he was there waiting for his cousin, but when asked which apartment he lived in, the suspect pointed to two different apartments that were not there ‘side by side, police said.

The officer felt that Walker didn’t seem sure about his cousin’s name and, while talking to him, noticed a transparent straw sticking out of his left pants pocket. During a search, the officer noticed an unknown object concealed in Walker’s underwear. He was handcuffed as the officer retrieved the item, which turned out to be a rag wrapped in a collar and broken glass. He also had a clear plastic bag with a white powdery substance that would be cocaine next to him.

Walker denied that the cocaine belonged to him.

He remains in Jefferson County Correctional Institution on a Controlled Substance charge with a warrant set at $ 10,000, a warrant for robbery on $ 100,000 bond and a Class B theft warrant on bond. at $ 500.

An indictment is not a final conviction; it is only a grand jury decision that allows the prosecutor’s office to pursue a criminal case.

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