Nelk Boys Net Worth 2022: How Wealthy Are Canadian Pranksters?


Nelk, often referred to as the Nelk Boys, is a Canada-based YouTube group that has a combined net worth of 7.3 million. Its main actors are Kyle Forgeard, Stephen Deleonardis, Jesse Sebastiani and Salim Sirur. These four are well known for making prank videos and vlogs. They’re also known for popularizing the slang phrase “full send,” which means giving it your all in everything you do.

Who are the Nelk Boys?

On July 6, 2010, Kyle Foregeard, Niko, Lucas Gaspirini, and Marko Martinovic created the YouTube channel NELK. They were unsuspecting strangers stuffed in public, always eager to up the ante and put themselves in really uncomfortable circumstances.

Years passed and new faces appeared in the main cast of the team, while most of the old colleagues left in 2015. Jesse Sebastiani was the first new member. Around this time, the channel began to gain traction.

In May 2019, as owner of the group, Forgeard welcomed a new recruit, Stephen Deleonardis, popularly known online as SteveWillDoIt. Salim Sirur was the latest addition to join in early 2020.

What is the wealth of each member?

With all their business and online activities, it is clear that every Nelk Boy earns a lot. However, the richest member is SteveWillDoIt, with his own YouTube channel which has 4.42 million subscribers and a net worth of $3.5 million.

Kyle and Jesse are tied at number two, both having a net worth of 1.5 million. Kyle continues to be the public face of NELK, while Jesse begins to branch out. As the newest member, Salim is last on the list with a net worth of $800,000.

  • Net worth of SteveWillDoIt – $3.5 million
  • Net worth of Kyle Foregeard – $1.5 million
  • Jesse Sebastiani net worth – $1.5 million
  • Salim Sirur net worth – $800,000

How did they become famous?

The video, titled “Coke Prank on Cops”, was uploaded by the pranksters in January 2015. In one video, they tricked cops into claiming to have “Coke” in the back of their car.

Officers mistook cola for cocaine when they were actually referring to the drink Coca-Cola. The Nelk Boys were eventually embroiled in scandal after the Los Angeles Police Department released a statement warning them that the prank was illegal.

But this was nothing new for them. The video only became the start of their mainstream success, and they continued to pull bolder pranks later. Despite the many controversies resulting from their pranks, their main account has garnered a massive following of 7.29 million subscribers.

How do they make money?

The team was barely coping in its early days and had to rely on sleeping in fans’ homes to get by. Today, NELK and its brand have become a full-fledged media company. Their channel alone earns over $1.3 million a year not counting sponsorships.

Additionally, Nelk owns the Full Send clothing line, which is established with a smart business model. Clothing is released in unique Supreme-style drops, with limited quantities and only one of each pattern obtainable.

The Full Send Podcast is another brand initiative. They have had big-name guests appear on their show, such as Mike Tyson and Donald Trump. They also own the Happy Dad hard seltzer line of products.


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