MILK 2.0, the vegan milk brand enters the plant-based food market


MILK 2.0, a premium plant-based dairy company located in Auckland, has acquired Natural Abundance, a multi-award-winning New Zealand producer of Wholefoods, Gluten-Free, Paleo and Vegan products.

The decision to acquire Natural Abundance began in early 2020 as a natural progression for MILK 2.0 to enter the solid food market by providing New Zealand consumers with healthy, whole-grain, plant-based products. The agreement was signed on March 23, 2020, after a two-month process.

“The acquisition of Natural Abundance complements MILK 2.0’s vision to diversify our product line and expand beyond alternative milks to uniquely manufactured, healthy plant-based foods,” said MILK 2.0 Founder Kristina. Ivanova.

Kristina Ivanova “Plant-based milks are becoming staples, with brands going above and beyond to bring their mass products to stores, including importing milk from abroad or using subcontractors who make similar products that already exist on the market. However, the goals and aspirations of MILK 2.0 are to continue to learn and deliver high quality products. We prioritize quality over quantity, which means focusing on innovation and generating revolutionary plant-based milks that go beyond conventional ideas, ”explains Kristina.

MILK 2.0 has launched the world’s first vegan chocolate milk combining almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds, which is uniquely distributed through a subscription delivery model and direct to customer, in Auckland. In January 2021, New Zealand’s first ‘fresh’ OATS milk – made locally from locally grown oats – was introduced and available through innovative refill stations at sites in the Auckland, Bay and Bay areas. of Plenty and Taupo.

MILK 2.0 was also the first New Zealand start-up to showcase its drinks at Food Trends Lab 2019: Ted Talks in Vancouver and was named a finalist for the 2020 Sustainable Business Awards and the 2020 World Plant-Based Awards.

Natural Abundance started 9 years ago in Auckland and prides itself on using local New Zealand ingredients. Since the acquisition in March 2020, Natural Abundance products have become entirely herbal.

Kristina Ivanova – “We fell in love with the Natural Abundance line of products because it is rich in natural (whole) foods rich in nutrients, unprocessed and nourishing”

The product line includes decadent “Plant Cakes” in three flavors: Extreme Kumara, Extreme Blueberry and Extreme Raspberry; “Vegetable crackers”; and “Plant Bars” to come.

Plant-based crackers are 95% raw, gluten-free, vegan, high in protein and high in fiber.

Natural Abundance has national coverage through Countdowns, Foodstuffs North Island, Foodstuffs South Island, and independent food distribution chains.

Kristina Ivanova, “MILK 2.0 went from humble beginnings to making milk from my home kitchen and now to our small factory. I am very proud of our accomplishments so far, including our strategic acquisition of Natural Abundance.

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