‘Michael Jordan’s $1.6 billion net worth is miles ahead of Tom Brady’s $250 million’: How the Bulls legend smartly handled off-court deals to become sport’s most GOAT rich in front of Tom Brady


Michael Jordan is widely considered the NBA GOAT and Tom Brady is widely considered the NFL GOAT, but the NBA legend has definitely beaten Brady in terms of money.

Six championships, five MVPs and a whole list of accolades weren’t enough for Jordan, he also amassed a massive net worth. As you can probably guess, the majority of that wealth certainly comes from deals and contracts outside of his actual NBA salary.

Jordan did a lot of that work after his playing days were over, and so maybe one day we’ll see the face of Brady top the list of sports billionaires.

Brady is already working on his own off-court deals, investing in NFTs, signing a deal to commentate in the future, and even launching his own clothing brand. However, he still hasn’t reached the level of the Bulls legend.

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Michael Jordan significantly surpasses Tom Brady in net worth

So how much are these two sports legends worth? Let’s start with Michael Jordan and look at his career earnings first. In his day, NBA contracts certainly weren’t as lucrative as they are now, but he was still the highest-paid player in the league.

In his final season in Chicago, Jordan was making $33.1 million a year, a mark that was beaten in 2017-18 by Steph Curry. Adjusting for inflation, Jordan’s contract would be worth $55.2 million, which would currently rank first in the league.

From his salaries, Jordan alone earned around $90 million. However, his biggest earnings come from his endorsements from brands like Hanes, Gatorade and, of course, Nike. His Jordan brand has generated huge profits for him, and that, combined with the fact that he owns the Charlotte Hornets, earns him around $100 million a year.

Brady recently signed a 2-year, $50 million deal, mostly in the form of incentives and signing bonuses to help his team. His extension saved the Bucs $19 million in wages. Brady is known for signing lesser value deals throughout his career to help his team, never having the most lucrative contract. However, he still amassed a net worth of $250 million which is insane.

He is certainly on his way to overcoming his playing career as well when he can focus more on his business ventures. His TV deal will also earn him an insane amount of money when all is said and done, and so maybe the league of billionaires is on the line for Brady.

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