Marisa Peer at the Women’s Growth Summit


The Women’s Growth Summit, an online summit for women recently organized by Gyan success, presented six world-class speakers specializing in personal transformation and growth training with an audience of professionals, businesswomen, trainers as well as housewives. Designed to help all women succeed, the summit was presented by Marisa Peer, bestselling author of five books, trainer and motivational speaker who was named ‘Britain’s Best Therapist’ by Men’s Health magazine.

Peer, in his keynote address, said, “Everything in life begins with a belief. Abundance isn’t about money, it’s about having everything. If you want to have love, relationships, health, and wealth, you have to have an abundance mindset. A lot of people had parents who said, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “I can’t find money”. Your connection to money is established from the age of five. If you find yourself mentally in scarcity, ask yourself where this belief comes from. If you tell yourself that you have an abundant life, as a rule of life, you will have more. “

Peer is the creator of the multi-award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which has been called life changing. She has spent over 30 years working with people such as royalty, CEOs, Hollywood actors and Olympic athletes.

Prachi Mayekar, transformation trainer and certified NLP master practitioner, shared a mismatch between “who you are meant to be” and “who you are born to be” is why the conflict occurs. “A lot of women try to be an orange in public when they are actually an apple. Be authentic, be who you are on the inside. If you want to avoid this conflict, stop being someone you’re not. Be compassionate, speak your truth, and stand up for yourself. When you know who you are, that’s when everyone will know who you are, and they will treat and understand you in a different way.

Dr Meghana Dikshit, Brain Performance Expert and Founder of De Mantraa, said: “Once you think you can’t do something, your ability to do it is reduced because you half-heartedly jump into it. Women are often afraid of their own success because they think it will ruffle the feathers around them. Women also need to get rid of the “either-or” mentality and self-proven beliefs, such as, “I can run a house or a career.”

Dr Dikshit also spoke of being mindful of self-critical discourse and incorporating more self-improvement beliefs into one’s life.

In the same vein, Puja Puneet, life coach and founder of Life by Design trained the public to choose to be reactive rather than reactive, and to feel the emotion in the moment rather than to observe an emotion. accumulate in you. “You have to create the gap by pausing the moment and taking a deep breath. It will help you create the goddess within you.

Diving into the art of eating, Sports and Preventive Nutritionist Shiny Surendran spoke about demystifying nutrition and a self-limiting aspect for many women. “Thin is not always healthy,” she stressed. She mentioned good mood, digestive health, energy levels, supple skin, functional fitness and hormonal balance as some of the markers of good health.

Detailing “The Power Framework” and sharing that its power is limitless, Chinha Raheja, Personal Impact Coach, said, “Creating a powerful character is as easy as ABCD. Appearance matters, take your dressing up a notch and don’t be sloppy in your appearance. Behavior is a reflection of your state of mind, your values, your beliefs and your emotions. Be a better communicator with your body language. Finally, assess your digital footprint and modify it based on what you want your public image to be.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Success Gyan Women’s Growth Summit on December 4, 2021.

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