Man arrested for fleeing police and possessing handgun in Fairfield County, police say


Fairfield County Police have arrested a wanted man for fleeing officers and possessing a handgun.

Jaequann Gilbert, 30, of East Hartford, was arrested on Tuesday December 21 by Norwalk Police for an incident in May, said Sgt. Sofia Gulino of Norwalk Police.

According to Gulino, in May, Norwalk officers attempted to stop a high-speed vehicle in the Main Avenue area.

The vehicle took off at high speed while attempting to escape the officer, and after a short distance the vehicle lost control and ended up driving onto property on Ward Street, Gulino said.

Gilbert got out of the vehicle and fled on foot. K-9 agents responded to the scene which led them to the Ward Street area.

The next day, the Special Services Division took over the investigation. On the same day, a Ruger Security 9, a 9mm handgun, equipped with a laser and a high capacity magazine, was located on Ward Street.

With the use of numerous investigative techniques involving forensic evidence, interviews, multiple search warrants and six months of rigorous work, investigators concluded that Gilbert was the driver of the fleeing vehicle and was in possession of the l handgun, police said.

An arrest warrant has been granted and Gilbert was arrested Tuesday at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution where he was being held on drug-related offenses.

Following his arrest, Gilbert was charged with:

  • Criminal possession of a gun
  • Illegal possession of high capacity magazines
  • Interfere with an officer
  • Engage the police in pursuit of him.

Gilbert is being held on $ 250,000 bail.

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