Lust for Wealth and Possessions Can Blind Us to the ‘True Goods of Life’, Says Pope Francis


“It is a disease that destroys people, because the hunger for goods creates dependency. Above all, those who have a lot are never happy, they always want more, and only for themselves. But in this way, the person does not is freer: she is attached, a slave, to what paradoxically was supposed to serve her to live freely and serenely,” warned Pope Francis.

“Rather than being served by money, the person becomes a servant of money.”

The pope identified greed as a “dangerous disease for society as well”, pointing to the greed that fuels wars and in particular the arms trade “scandal”.

“And so, let’s try to ask ourselves: where am I with my detachment from possessions, from wealth?” asked the pope. “Do I complain about what I lack or do I know how to be satisfied with what I have? In the name of money or opportunity, am I tempted to sacrifice relationships and sacrifice time with others? And again, do I ever sacrifice legality and honesty on the altar of covetousness?

The pope then moved on to focus on the “wealth” of God.

“And so, we might think, then, shouldn’t anyone want to get rich? Certainly you can; on the contrary, it is right to want it. It is beautiful to become rich, but rich according to God! God is the richest of all,” he said.


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