Lala Kent 2022 net worth revealed


When talking about Lala Kent net worth in 2022, it may seem difficult to pin down her. After all, the reality TV star has several irons in the fire.

He’s also someone who just got divorced from a rather affluent record producer in Randall Emmett. This alone can make it difficult to understand exactly what the Vanderpump Rules worth in 2022.

The two ended their three-year engagement last October, and it was the beauty of reality that canceled things after Randall was caught with not one but two mystery women. The Vanderpump Rules star ended things and also won custody of the couple’s baby girl.

Lala Kent’s 2022 net worth nailed

According to, Lala Kent’s net worth in 2022 would be around two to three million dollars. If those numbers are accurate and there’s no reason to think they’re not taking into account all those irons, she surprisingly earns more than her ex.

While some may be surprised that the reality TV star is a millionaire, it’s important to note that she’s found real success over the years. Lala Kent’s net worth has grown and expanded her Give them Lala empire, including “Give Them Lala Beauty”, “Give Them Lala Skin”, “Give Them Lala Baby” and Give them Lala Podcast.

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Business ideas keep coming for fame. Last month, she launched her new “bRand New” merchandise. She specifically created this line inspired by her new tattoo; which in turn is inspired by her breakup with Randall. She changed her “Rand” tattoo to “bRand new” after their split.

If all that wasn’t enough, she’s also an author. Unsurprisingly, the name of the book is “Give Them Lala”.

How did she become a millionaire?

Lala Kent’s net worth in 2022 is not only due to the fact that she made a lot of money this year. Turns out she had quite a busy career for a few years.

That includes the new mom being an actress, though she’s certainly not well-known. He’s still someone who’s done enough roles to make quite a bit of money.

She also managed to turn her success on reality TV into a whole career. It’s also worth pointing out that she once earned a regular salary working for Lisa Vanderpump at her restaurant. The restaurateur has made a habit of hiring attractive people to work in her home and it’s clearly paying off considering what she and her employees have managed to do.

Things don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon for the reality star. This is probably very good news for Lala Kent’s net worth in 2022. It’s also very good for the years to come.

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