Joke or not, Cleveland must stay away from Josh Gordon


The Browns shouldn’t bring Josh Gordon back.

The Browns lost Jarvis Landry for a few weeks, and the former Pro Bowl wide receiver moves to IR. With Odell Beckham set to come back against the Bears, but anything is possible at this point, the team should be fine without Landry for a month. The team still have Rashard Higgins, and although Anthony Schwartz and Donovan Peoples-Jones have struggled to make an impact, they remain potential targets.

That doesn’t even include Harrison Bryant or Demetric Felton, both of whom could play in the slot machine if needed.

Despite the abundance of pass-catching options, the receiver feels a bit light at the moment. The team may be relying too much on young talent to make huge strides, and it is becoming evident that they are not yet up to the task. Adam the Bull from Cue 92.3 tweets about Josh Gordon’s comeback.

Browns should stay away from Josh Gordon

It was like Bull was joking because who in their right mind would want to bring Gordon back? I want to make it clear that Bull is more than likely joking. The problem is, there are people out there who really want this to happen. So let’s nip it in the bud; the Browns should never bring Gordon back.

It’s fine if you want to discuss second chances, but guys like Gordon (and others) have had more than their fair share of chances in this league. It is the definition of unreliable. If anyone wants to give it a shot, more power for them, but it shouldn’t be the Browns.

The NFLPA is trying to get him reinstated, for what appears to be the 12th or 13th time, and they’ll likely get him back into the league. So it’s more than likely that he’ll be a talking point again in the NFL blogosphere.

So jokes or not, we have to declare now that Gordon is not someone who needs to be in that locker room. Leadership can only go to a point, and locker room cultures can only improve someone so much. We know Gordon has substance issues and has failed time and time again.

Let’s say the Browns had to give it a shot, Beckham doesn’t recover and Landry gets injured again, but Gordon goes out of his way and starts racking up numbers. Now we rely on him, we craft parts for him, we focus more on him.

Then boom, another failed doping test. So what ?

If there are still some of his fans out there and they want him to come back to the NFL, that’s good. Just let him go to Las Vegas or Tampa Bay or whatever city has an overabundance of talent or doesn’t really have a standard for player behavior.

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