Joel Osteen’s Net Worth: Is It Really $ 40- $ 60 Million?



Joel Osteen’s net worth has often been a hot topic of discussion, with numbers estimated to start at around $ 40 million. During our research, we also found websites that mentioned the famous pastor as being worth $ 60 million and even $ 100 million.

The subject has arisen in the past, such as in 2017 when the Osteen mega-church reportedly refused to allow Hurricane Harvey victims to use the building as shelter. The famous Christian pastor has the task of leading the Lakewood Church, located in Houston, Texas. His wife, Victoria, is a co-pastor.

In August 2021, Osteen’s net worth became the subject of a paid advertisement on the website. The ad included a photo of Osteen and his wife and read: “[Gallery] This pastor’s net worth has followers leaving the church.

The idea of ​​people leaving church because of wealthy pastors is perhaps a topic for another story.

We clicked on the ad. This led to a long slideshow article with several pages. Osteen appeared on one of the pages with a net worth of $ 40 million. The website did not cite any sources or links to back up the dollar amount.

In a Google search, the first result appeared as what Google calls a “featured snippet,” meaning that a website’s information is displayed above other search results.

Joel Osteen's net worth was estimated to be $ 40 million or $ 60 million or $ 100 million.
The snippet featured at the top of Google search results.

This information that was posted came from Wikipedia and claimed that “Osteen’s net worth was $ 40 million and $ 60 million in 2017″. This sentence included two quotes from which this information allegedly came. One of those quotes went to an article on, which mentioned $ 40 million. The website did not cite any sources. The second quote led to The Christian Post and said that “according to reports” Osteen’s net worth was $ 60 million. For his quote, he’s linked to an unofficial website that didn’t provide any sources either.

All of this means that the dollar figure that was displayed at the top of Google search results is not based on any actual verified source, and no explanation is given by any of the websites cited as to how they got there. calculated their estimates. In fact, other websites outside of Wikipedia that also feature prominently in Google search results have claimed that Osteen’s net worth is $ 100 million.

The truth about Osteen’s net worth is not known. A range of $ 40 million to $ 100 million is a huge gap in what seems like little more than guesswork. What we do know for sure is that the pastor appears to be worth millions of dollars as his house is valued at around $ 10 million as we reported in another story. Readers looking to learn more about the Pastor’s wealth, including a rumored $ 325,000 Ferrari, may find additional details in this previous fact-check.

It’s important to remember the following: Celebrity net worth numbers found online are often not supported by actual data other than guesses and a prominent location on Google. This prominent Google placement at the top of search results could give what appears to be some level of authority over the alleged dollar amounts. However, as we saw in the case of Osteen, clicking on what is supposed to be the sources of these numbers often leads to dead ends.

In short, net worth numbers found online are often just guesses and estimates.



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