Is he the richest member?


TXT Beomgyu and its four other co-members debuted in 2019. But, despite only three years of experience in the industry, the group has already reached impressive heights.

The fame and success of the five-member act over the years has seen them raise millions of dollars. To date, the group has a collective net worth of $10 million, according to Channel-Korea.

The outlet, however, pointed out that confirmations regarding the figure have yet to emerge. Nevertheless, the estimated number is said to take its basis on the individual net worth of the members.

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TXT Beomgyu as the richest member

The same publication also noted that the member with the highest net worth figure is Beomgyu. This comes as he is said to be worth $3 million from 2022.

Huening Kai would come second with his net worth of $2 million. As for the less wealthy member of the group, it is claimed to be Hyung Yeonjun.

The outlet, however, did not provide any evidence to back up the claims. Even so, he pointed out that the numbers and figures reported are only estimated sums based on the law’s official activities over the past three years.

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How he amassed his wealth

Beomgyu is said to have been born into a wealthy family. The idol’s father is said to be a well-known and successful racing driver in South Korea.

Despite his wealthy background, reports indicate that the TXT member doesn’t rely heavily on his family’s wealth. As noted, he amassed his current net worth throughout his career as a K-pop idol.

Apart from the band’s musical productions and releases, they have also done concerts and stage performances before. Moreover, the idols have sponsorship and endorsement deals, which allows them to further improve their respective net worth figures.

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About Beomgyu and his career

Beomgyu is the fifth and final member of the group to be revealed by Big Hit Music earlier in 2019. He and his fellow members made their official debut months later after releasing their first mini album, The Dream Chapter: Star.

TXT has already released at least seven track collections since its debut. The members made their last comeback in May with a mini album, Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child.

Watch this space for more news on TXT Beomgyu.

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