‘I call it my human ATM’



Michael Jordan is still so competitive almost two decades after playing his last NBA game. He has just found another way to channel his ruthless attitude: golf.

Jordan frequently challenges the PGA Tour pros to silver matches on the golf course, and he’s holding up at 58. With a net worth of $ 1.6 billion, what’s a few thousand dollars anyway? But Keegan Bradley, who is a great champion and one of Jordan’s close friends, took so much money from the NBA legend on the course that he dubbed him the nickname “Human ATM.”

Michael Jordan is an avid player on the golf course

Jordan has been an avid gamer since his playing years, but he only increased his betting habits in retirement. The former Chicago Bulls superstar regularly plays silver games against PGA Tour players at his The Grove XXIII golf course in Hobe Sound, Florida.

From Rickie Fowler to Brooks Koepka to Justin Thomas, there’s no one Jordan won’t dispute about the links. And there is no amount of money that he will hesitate.

“These are some of the best preparations to go out and be ready to play tournament golf,” Fowler told Action Network’s Jason Sobel in 2018 of playing against Jordan. “He’ll play you for whatever you want.” Anything that scares you.

Jordan has won a lot of money on some of the best golfers in the world on his home course, but he’s also lost a lot more.

Jordan’s $ 1.6 billion net worth has earned him the nickname ‘human ATM’

Keegan Bradley chats with Michael Jordan at the 40th Ryder Cup in Gleneagles | Montana Pritchard / The PGA of America via Getty Images Europe

You won’t face Jordan in a golf game unless you bring your wallet filled to the brim with cash. MJ isn’t going to play without a little something at stake, so it’s an extreme risk / reward decision to accept a match against GOAT.

For PGA Tour player Keegan Bradley, the decision has been far more rewarding than risky over the years.

In 2015, Bradley appeared on ESPN SVP and Russillo and talked about what it’s like to play golf against Jordan. Apparently he made so much money from MJ that he had to give the Hall of Famer a new nickname.

That’s the beautiful part about it. That’s why I like to play with him. I call it my human ATM. I can just go there if I need the money, I just called [him] That day. But he’s a really good player. The fun part of playing with it is that it is always in your ear. He will go to difficult places. After the round you will think, “Dude, those were tough things he said to me.”

Keegan Bradley

Dealing with garbage is a small price to pay for Bradley if he consistently makes money with the richest athlete in the world.

MJ shut down Bradley when he tried to talk about trash himself

Bradley might get the best of Jordan every time he plays on the golf course, but Jordan will always have the upper hand when it comes to chatter. After years of chatting with Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing and Gary Payton on the basketball court, he has perfected this part of his game.

So when Bradley tried to tweet Jordan when the Charlotte Hornets owner took over the team’s Twitter account in 2014, MJ understandably offered the perfect applause.

“MJ, how does it feel to be beaten by me every day at the Bears Club?” Bradley asked.

“The last time I looked you were wearing MY shoes. You don’t see me wearing Air Keegans… ”Jordan replied.

The microphone fell.

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