How to beat Giovanni and get Shadow Lugia in Pokemon GO


It’s been a while since Giovanni made his presence known in Pokemon GO, but now he’s back to disrupt the Festival of Lights and has Shadow Lugia in tow.

Giovanni is the leader of Team GO Rocket which has been in the game for quite some time now, coming and going as he pleases while terrorizing the game itself with its abundance of Grunts and Team GO Rocket Leaders.

After a long hiatus since last summer, Giovanni is now back to bring darkness to light from the Festival of Lights event.

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How to fight Giovanni in November 2021

There have been several instances of Giovanni in Pokemon GO in the past, always related to some sort of in-game event. This last one is one of the most interesting because it had a long preparation.

That’s because it’s part of the special misunderstood mischief research players have been striving to complete since September around Hoopa.

As you finally reach Stage 15, you’ll get a set of new Team GO Rocket-related tasks that will lead you to fight Giovanni.

These stages include defeating three Team GO Rocket leaders to get a Super Rocket Radar that will help you finally find Giovanni.

You’ll also need to get the Rocket Radars pieces from Grunts to take on the leaders, so make sure you don’t miss any Rocket encounters when you can.

After defeating your third Rocket Leader, you will get the Super Rocket Leader and he will be automatically equipped. With this gear, Giovanni should show up to a Poke Stop, although you’ll think he’s just a regular Grunt Team GO Rocket at first.

How to beat Giovanni and get Shadow Lugia in Pokemon GO

Giovanni returns to Pokemon GO once again with a new lineup of Pokemon to take down. As usual, it features a main Pokemon that everyone will be up against, a party of three for their second Pokemon to choose from, and then a final Pokemon.

Fortunately, we know exactly who Giovanni has this time around thanks to Pokémon Go Hub. Also, keep in mind that all of them will be Shadow Pokémon as well, so these will be Glass Cannons that can hit hard, but have weaker defense.

Pokemon One

Pokemon Two

Pokémon Three

Giovanni has an interesting group of Pokémon to take down, but it shouldn’t be too difficult with the right counters.

When it comes to Persian, you’ll want to use Fighting-type moves against it, with Pokémon like Lucario, Machamp, and Conkeldurr being good candidates. Due to the fact that the Persian uses dark and normal type moves, using Pokémon like Tyranitar can also be helpful, although you won’t have a super efficient move to use against them.

Kingler might be next and you’ll want to use either grass or electricity moves, both of which are pretty effective against that. Pokémon like Torterra, Raikou, and Zapdos are great to use here to take them down quickly.

You might also encounter Rhyperior instead, which is weak for grass and water movement. Pokémon like Swampert, Kyogre, and Torterra are good here, while you can also use a Pokémon like Excadrill to play more defensively while hitting hard with ground moves.

The last option in the middle is Nidoking, which is weak in the face of an abundance of movement types like ground, water, ice, and psychic. Using a Pokémon like Stunfisk or Excadrill with Ground-type moves is a good strategy, while you can also use Kyogre or other water types here.

This is now the last Pokémon, which is guaranteed to be Shadow Lugia. Lugia is weak for Electric, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Ghost moves, but we’ll focus primarily on Electric or Rock moves. This is where Raikou and Magnezone are good electric meters, while Tyranitar or Terrakion are good rock meters. In fact, Terrakion is currently on a raid, which makes him a better candidate for the event.

After defeating Giovanni, you will have the opportunity to catch Shadow Lugia. It works like any other capture opportunity, so use whatever berries you want and capture Shadow Lugia to add to your collection.

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