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Whereas he is best known for playing Mr. Big on Sex and the city, it is not surprising that Chris Noth has a very impressive net worth of $ 16 million, per celebrity net worth. The Wisconsin-born actor reprized his iconic role in the reboot, And just like that …, bringing back the original characters Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as they navigate relationships and life challenges throughout the 10-episode revival of HBO Max. Read on for details on how Chris Noth has won the staggering amount he has earned so far.

Chris Noth has several notable acting roles on his resume.

Aside from Mr. Big, Noth is often credited with playing NYPD Detective Mike Logan on hit shows. Law and order and Peter Florrick on the good woman. The father-of-two has over 70 actor credits from his projects over the years, including films such as Lovelace, Chronically metropolitan and Castaway, in which he played Hélène ChasseJerry Lovett’s husband, for the blockbuster starring Tom hanks. He has also appeared in television series including Tyrant, Faded away and Equalizer.

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Chris Noth has other sources of income outside of the show.

Chris has been a co-owner of New York concert hall The Cutting Room since 1999 in addition to New York nightclub The Plumm, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In addition, he would be the majority shareholder of Ambhar Tequila since 2018.

Chris Noth has a special connection to his role as Mr. Big.

Yale School of Drama graduate leads more private life off-camera with wife Tara wilson and their two sons, Keats and Orion, enjoying time spent at each of their three properties in Massachusetts, New York and Los Angeles.

Think Big Sex and Town Star Chris Noth's Net Worth is Staggering
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“At first, when the series became a cultural phenomenon, it really annoyed me, because I don’t like to be called a character in the street and the actors don’t like [characters] stick to them, ”Noth said The Guardian, revealing that he now embraces the role and can enjoy it. “But eventually I thought, ‘Just stop resisting this because it’s not going to go away. People, for whatever reason, will always relate you to this part, so just let whatever you resist linger. And if I can be a small part of what people think of as New York City, that’s a really beautiful thing.



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