How much is the Star Wars actor worth?



In Star Wars, no one could be as charming, headstrong (and at times pompous) as Poe Dameron. And without Oscar Isaac, we would never see his character come to life in the same way the actor was able to bring that role to life.

Isaac portrayed Poe Dameron in the three consecutive Star Wars films. Originally supposed to die in the force awakens, Isaac and his character were so good that they couldn’t give up on him after a few scenes. And so, Poe Dameron became an integral part of the Resistance in Episodes VII-IX, fighting alongside Rey, Finn, and even General Leia Organa.

But that’s not all Oscar Isaac has done in his successful career. The actor has a IMDb page extending until 1996! And around this time he starred in movies like Ex Machina with another Star Wars alumnus, Domhnall Gleeson (General Hux). And he also starred alongside Kylo Ren himself, Adam Driver, in Inside Llewyn Davis just two years before they were on screen together in the force awakens.

Needless to say, Isaac has gotten some amazing roles over the years. And when you star in so many movies, it can mean that an actor has a nice net worth. So how much is Oscar Isaac’s net worth worth? Here is what we know.

How much is Oscar Isaac worth?

When it comes to Oscar Isaac’s net worth, the Celebrity Net Worth site estimates that his net worth is around $ 10 million. Elsewhere on the Internet, The richest says his net worth is around $ 8 million. So based on that information, his net worth is somewhere in this stage: around $ 8-10 million.

While there is no recent data on his movie earnings, TheRichest has provided some numbers on what he’s earned in a few previous films. For example, for his role in All about the Benjamins, they estimate that he made only $ 2,000 in 2002. Then, in 2006 The story of the Nativity, they estimate that he has withdrawn $ 130,000 from this project.

With numbers steadily increasing year on year, we could only imagine how much a project as big as Star Wars could offer him, especially since he was one of the three main characters in the trilogy. And while we probably won’t see him in another Star Wars project anytime soon, there is a lot more from Oscar Isaac to look forward to in the future – including his role as Moon Knight in the upcoming MCU series and as Duke. Leto Atreides in the long awaited Dune movie.

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