Gloucester Health Department reports Good Harbor Beach Creek remains closed due to bacteria levels


For immediate release

Closure limited to the stream: the beach remains open, safe

GLOUCESTER— The Gloucester Health Department reports that Good Harbor Beach Creek will remain closed for the foreseeable future due to high levels of bacteria.

The closure is limited to the creek only; Good Harbor Beach itself remains open and swimming can continue safely.

Good Harbor Beach and its cove are tested weekly to ensure water quality and safety. Recent tests show higher than safe levels of enterococci in the stream, which can cause infections, bacteremia and endocarditis.

The creek was initially closed for the day out of caution on June 3, then temporarily from June 10 to 11, and was closed for the foreseeable future on June 17 as further testing continues and the Gloucester Health Department investigates .

A preliminary survey of the shoreline upstream of the creek revealed no obvious signs of pollution. The city will sample the water upstream to reduce the possible source (s) of the problem. The results will be shared with the State Marine Fisheries Division, which also conducts sampling in the area due to active and seasonal shellfish beds at the north end of Good Harbor.

Signs will be installed along the creek to inform the public of the ban.



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