Footage shows Aurora officers tasering a man


AURORA, Colorado – An Aurora police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave following the broadcast of body camera images showing a traffic stop that turned violent.

Footage from a traffic stop on May 15 shows Aurora operatives attacking and tasering Preston Nunn III.

Aurora Police said prior to what was shown in the footage, Nunn did not give in to officers as they conducted a separate traffic stop on E. Iliff Avenue near S. Buckley Road.

“Slow down and go back,” an officer said, asking Nunn for his license and recording during the video.

During the video, as Nunn begins to search for papers around her car, officers shouted to keep her hands on her face.

At a press conference held Thursday by Nunn, community organizations and activists, Nunn said officers had not given him time to comply.

“When I first got pulled over I thought it was just a traffic stop. I didn’t know I was going to be beaten up this way or attacked that way, to be honest, but when he approached the car, I really thought he was doing too much, “Nunn said.” When he approached the car and asked for my license, registration and insurance, that I was willing to provide him, he didn’t give me time to provide it, he just exaggerated the whole situation. “

The incident had previously been reviewed by the Aurora Police Force Review Board. The Committee recommended additional training for the relevant chief agent.

This week, Chief Vanessa Wilson said “out of great caution” that she chose to open an internal investigation into the incident while the officer was on leave.

Now Nunn’s family have demanded that the four officers involved in the ordeal be fired and Colorado state officials intervene.

Aurora police made the following statement:

“The Aurora Police Department is aware of the body-worn camera video CBS4 received. APD did not provide the video. The station received a copy from an unknown source.

The traffic stopped on May 15, 2021 at 12:18 a.m. Prior to the stop seen on video, officers were making a separate traffic stop on Iliff near Buckley when the suspicious vehicle entered the officers’ lane, nearly hitting them with the car. One of the officers was able to catch up with this vehicle and carry out a roadside check. This interaction is recorded on the body-worn camera.

While stopping, as shown in the video, the driver did not fully cooperate with the officer’s instructions and repeatedly continued to reach hidden parts of his body and vehicle, ignoring orders of the agent to stop.

This incident has already been reviewed by the Force Review Board (FRB). The findings of the FRB determined that normative training in various areas should be provided to the agent in the areas of de-escalation, communication and other tactical topics.

Chief Wilson acknowledges that the video is disturbing to watch regardless of the contextual circumstances, which is why, out of caution, she made the decision to open a full investigation.

In accordance with DPA policy, the subject officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay while the full investigation of this incident is completed. “

Aurora Police Department

The Aurora Police Union said “in the eyes of the bargaining unit, this officer has done nothing wrong.”

“He did what he was trained to do. If you watch this video in its entirety, he used de-escalation techniques. During this entire contact, the subject contacted never cooperated with the police. ‘other people at the scene, who were not police, telling him to cooperate and he still does not, “the police union said in a statement. “This investigation has been done, and there is no reason for it to be reopened. This has led (sic) the bargaining unit to inform municipal management that they lack confidence in the chief’s office. However, the union president is convinced that they can meet. to restore confidence.

The incident came to light just over a week after Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser released details of a 14-month investigation by the Colorado Department of Law which showed the Police Department Aurora uses excessive force and racist police practices and violates federal and state laws. within the framework of its models and practices.

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