FlyQuest Takes First Place, Defeats 100T in Week 3 of LCS Spring Split 2022


The start of the LCS Spring Split 2022 has been defined by teams exceeding expectations, and FlyQuest is in the spotlight for that. The team has been vying for the top spot in the LCS since the first weekend, and now they’ve claimed it for themselves.

To cap off their third weekend of play, FlyQuest defeated 100 Thieves in a match where both teams made great strides but also appeared to have some reservations as they closed out the game with leads. FlyQuest now sits on the LCS throne with sole possession of first place and is the first team to claim five Spring Split 2022 wins so far.

Although Toucouille is new to the LCS, he’s certainly not new to mages. He once again showcased his diverse champion pool by picking Veigar in the mid lane match. With Veigar cages and Aphromoo’s Thresh hooks, FlyQuest consistently surprised 100T members who had spent the first 25 minutes of the game cultivating a lead. In several instances where it looked like FlyQuest had overshot its lead, Toucouille and Aphromoo shifted their focus to themselves and let the rest of their runs knock down towers and other lane inhibitors while 100T was busy.

Due to Tryndamere’s unkillable nature, Kumo wasn’t afraid to launch straight into all five 100T members, even chasing Ssumday under a contested mid-turret to get a solo kill and come out alive. This game eventually gave FlyQuest a Baron which changed the momentum in their favor and helped them through the rest of the game, awarding Kumo the Player of the Game accolade for his fearlessness.

Although FlyQuest stayed ahead for the latter part of the game, there were times when they seemed to falter in some teamfights and wondered how to end the match effectively. This caused the Dragon’s Soul to shift to 100T, but the Rogues also seemed to fear what their enemies might do if they ventured too far. The ending was determined by a final team fight, highlighted by Toucouille’s inability to be caught by the members of 100T.

100T remains near the top of the LCS leaderboard, but FlyQuest secures sole possession of the top spot with the win. While that may change after Team Liquid’s match against CLG concludes, the success that 100T and FlyQuest have had so far looks very promising for how they will progress through the split.

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