Exploring Money Man’s Net Worth As He Becomes The First Artist Paid In Bitcoin



The Atlanta rapper Money Man has officially become the first artist to be paid in Bitcoin for a business deal with Empire Record Label. We take a look at his net worth in this article.

On Tuesday, November 9, the rapper along with the record company took to their social media to let fans know they were accepting / paying Bitcoin cash advances now.

The company revealed that Money Man, real name Tysen Jay Bolding, won a $ 1 million digital currency advance.

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Explore Money Man Net Worth

According to various sources, Money Man’s net worth is estimated to be between $ 2-5 million.

The rapper rose to fame thanks to his songs from 2016 Boss Up, how does it feel and the Black circle mixtape trilogy. The Atlanta MC signed with Cash Money Records and Republic Records in 2017.

He then released other mixtapes like Secret society, The harvest season and Growing God before buying back his own contract in 2018.

35 years 2019 Paranoia mixtape peaked at number 36 on the Billboard 200 chart. Money Man’s releases since 2018 have been in association with Ghazi Shami’s Empire label.

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First rapper to be paid in Bitcoin

Recently, Money Man took to his social media and posted a video showing how he received $ 1 million upfront from Empire – in Bitcoin.

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The clip shows the company accessing the mobile payment service, Cash App, through which it sends $ 1 million in Bitcoin to the To warn singer.

The rapper posted another video showing he received the amount in his account. The Atlanta MC has been a supporter of Bitcoin for quite some time. The release of Money Man, titled Blockchain, released on November 5th.

Fans react to artist’s new recording deal

Fans had a lot to say about the artist’s decision to accept his Bitcoin advance. Here are some notable reactions.

Elves | official trailer



Elves | official trailer






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