Eastside residents are unhappy with the abundance of litter on the sidewalks


WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) — Thousands of pounds of trash piled up on the east side of Wichita Falls and residents said they were led to believe the city would pick it up. Miscommunication is what led to the current situation.

Two months ago, District Two organizers scheduled a cleanup for August 20. However, residents were not thoroughly informed about what to do, leading to them dumping their trash on the sidewalk in the belief that the city would pick it up. , but it never happened.

“There are rats, snakes, etc. living in these piles,” said Wichita Falls east side resident Hoagie Jackson. “It’s a general health issue, not just an eyesore or garbage everywhere, but a general health issue.”

Residents on the east side of Wichita Falls are frustrated and confused after an initiative began to clean up the east side with help from the city.

“Basically, they needed volunteers to come and help them get it from their sidewalk to the transfer station or the dumps that were put in place,” said Teresa Rose, assistant director of public works for Wichita Falls.

Eastern community organizers organized the cleanup and notified the city. Even though they were notified late, they brought four dumpsters to different locations. It was then up to the organizers and the city to let residents know what to do.

“What happened was there was a misunderstanding,” Rose said. “People thought they could bring all their debris and trash to their sidewalk, and we were coming to the sidewalk to do that. We do not offer this service other than paying customers as part of the cleaning program. »

“I think it could have been coordinated a lot better,” Jackson said. “Be a little better with the residents than they did, drop flyers. They send a notice for your water bill, attach it to your water bill. Everyone gets a notice saying we’re going to have a dumpster at so-and-so, if you have garbage put it in there and when it’s full we’ll take it out.

While Jackson said he appreciates the effort for the cleanup initiative, he wants to see more care, involvement and communication moving forward.

“This side of town is almost forgotten when it comes to utilities,” Jackson said. “I see a sweeper once every seven months and it’s not good. We deserve to have the same treatment on this side of town as at the Country Club. I know we don’t pay that much in taxes, but we are paying for a service.

The city did what it could during the cleanup initiative, but told residents to stop putting trash on the sidewalks because they won’t be picking it up anymore.

Unless the organizers organize another clean-up day, this waste will remain there until residents bring it to the transfer/dump station. It is free to all residents with an active utility trash account with the City of Wichita Falls.


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