Dorian Yates Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is ‘Shadow’?


Dorian “The Shadow” Yates is a well-known retired professional bodybuilder from England who, from 1992 to 1997, held the Mr. Olympia title six times in a row. He was known for his broad and thick back, which he acquired through his agile and fierce training. Yates is considered one of the greatest in bodybuilding history, with the fifth most Mr. Olympia awards.

Who is Dorian Yates?

On April 19, 1962, Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates was born in Walmley, England. He is now 59 years old. His father died of a heart attack when he was only 13 years old. After that, their family moved to Birmingham, UK

Dorian has been training at local gyms since he was a teenager in 1983. It was in Birmingham that he started making bodybuilding his full-time career.

Net value

The Shadow accumulated its wealth by winning most bodybuilding contests. He owns Temple Gym and three supplement companies. This includes DY Nutrition, Heavy Duty Inc. and Dorian Yates Ultimate Formulas. Dorian Yates estimated net worth is $5 million as of 2022.


Glauce “Gal” Ferreira, a Brazilian fitness model who won the IFBB South American Bodyfitness Tournament and was the 2007 IFBB Bodyfitness World Champion, is Yates’ wife. The couple met at the Arnold Classic in 2008 and now live in Marbella.

How good was he?

Dorian Yates isn’t nicknamed The Shadow for no reason. Peter McGough gave him the nickname because of his low-key character that surprises everyone during a competition. He is one of the most influential professional bodybuilders, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath and Lee Haney.

During his professional career, he won 15 major contests and finished second in two others. He won every tournament he entered from 1992 until his resignation in 1997. He won his last Mr. Olympia even with injured arm muscles. Without these injuries, his reign might have been longer.

He achieved critical feats by devoting a lot of time and energy to his passion. He worked one hour a day, four times a week. His balanced size and routine changed the way bodybuilders trained and trained.

What does Dorian do now?

After playing a key role in bringing bodybuilding into the era of mass freaks, Yates retired in 1997. Chronic acute injuries, such as torn biceps and triceps, were a major factor in the demise of his career.

The Temple Gym on Temple Street in Birmingham was bought by Yates while still competing. He opened four more Temple Gym franchises in 2006. However, today only the first Temple Gym is still open. But Yates currently operates several other fitness-related businesses.

As for his physical activity, the legendary character claims that he is always training. But, he only does cardio exercises, like yoga, swimming, hiking, and biking. He stopped doing intensive training because of his condition. However, he works closely with his son, Lewis, who is into bodybuilding.

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