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Kevin W. Pearson, General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, offered the Tuesday prayer. He explained how to put the Lord first and truly live an abundant life.

Brother Pearson defined the abundant life as a spiritual life because we are spiritual beings in a temporal situation. He said that without an eternal perspective, it is impossible to live an abundant life.

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“If one only looks through the prism of secularism, moral relativism and self-interest, one will not find abundance – only isolation and scarcity.”

In order to live the abundant life, one must understand who they are, as a child of God who has a great divine destiny. Brother Pearson said God’s plan is for all to attain immortality and eternal life.

“Each of us can transform our lives, and we must, if we desire the constant influence of the Holy Spirit and want to fulfill our divine potential. Therefore, the constant call to daily repentance is truly a loving invitation to enjoy more abundance in our lives.

Considering prophetic statements made by President Russell M. Nelson about the incredible potential of God’s children, Elder Pearson said it is discouraging to “watch some returned missionaries immediately jump into rush hour traffic toward the nearest large and spacious building, throwing away every day learned spiritual habits at breakneck speed, and gobbling up the Kool-Aid of social media and secular culture instead of the living water of the gospel of Jesus -Christ. After working so hard to become disciples who were someone else, they are focused on becoming someone else who was a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

“My young friends,” he added, “we are counting on you to stand up and stand out; not give in and give. We need you to be leaders, a light to the world, not spiritual victims.

Kevin Pearson

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Elder Pearson went on to reinforce the idea that this is a pivotal time in the lives of students, as they will be making decisions that will determine their destiny. He said the most important decisions are those that encourage the making and keeping of sacred covenants.

“Your willingness to place the Savior and your sacred covenants at the center of your life is crucial. The people you marry and their commitment to their sacred covenants will largely determine whether you keep yours. Your desire to always follow the living prophets? Your desire to remain faithful and active in the Lord’s Church? These decisions will determine your fate!

Living in a time when many people seem to choose which commandments are important, Elder Pearson emphasized how important it is to follow all of God’s counsel. He said the Lord expects us all to be in it all the time.

“We live in a time of sifting. The Lord needs more

us to place exclamation marks instead of question marks behind prophetic advice. He needs more committed participants in His work and fewer passive observers – more determined disciples and less drowned in disbelief and apathy.”

Elder Pearson shared four principles that are crucial for spiritual survival and will help all live abundant lives: placing the Savior at the center of their lives, being willing to make and keep sacred covenants, having the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and live a life life of service and gratitude.

1. Place the Savior at the center of our lives

If students focus on putting Jesus Christ first, they can live fearlessly even in the midst of challenges, Elder Pearson said.

“Abundant life is a journey, not a destination. An abundant life is not a life without challenges, setbacks and even failures… If we will, adversity can bring us closer to the Savior and give us wisdom and understanding.

2. Willingness to make and keep sacred covenants

Keeping the covenant is essential to living an abundant life, Elder Pearson told the audience. He pleaded with students to take their temple and baptismal covenants seriously, as they can provide security in a tumultuous world.

“Keeping covenants has nothing to do with personal preference and convenience, and everything to do with commitment… It is by making and keeping the sacred covenants of the temple that we qualify for the immortality, eternal life and a fulness of joy!

Pearson Devo

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3. An abundant life is spiritual and requires the companionship of the Holy Spirit

Having the gift of the Holy Ghost will make for a more dedicated disciple, Elder Pearson noted. By aligning our lives with the teachings of the Savior, we will qualify for the guiding, comforting, and healing power of the spirit.

“How would your life change if you prayed consistently every day for the influence of the Holy Ghost and then lived worthy of it? How would this improve your ability to learn and master what you are studying? »

4. An abundant life requires an attitude of gratitude and a life of service to others

Serving others and building relationships with others will mean more than any other achievement throughout our lifetime. Elder Pearson said his wife and children are the abundance of his life, and putting them and the Savior first made all the difference.

Service is the essence of Christlike discipleship and an abundant life, and it is also the antidote to personal disappointment and discouragement.


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