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A local company’s new partnership aims to provide households with safer solar energy storage options and is piloting its first implementation in Dallas.

Dallas-based sustainable home builder Horton World Services is teaming up with Salient Energy, a maker of zinc-ion batteries for stationary energy storage, to test the Canadian company’s technology on new construction in the region, with plans to roll it out to hundreds of thousands of homes.

“The homes built today will determine residential emissions in 2050,” Terry Horton, founder and CEO of Horton World Services, said in a statement. “That means homebuilders need to start building for sustainability today.

An “instant replacement”

Salient says its batteries are able to produce the same power – and a similar footprint – as lithium-ion batteries, while using more abundant zinc-based materials that make them cheaper. Additionally, it says its water-based design reduces fire hazards that can be present with lithium-ion batteries. Salient’s batteries and storage system can then be connected to residential solar panels.

The two companies will perform field tests on a model home currently under construction by Horton by the end of the year. If successful, the companies plan to deploy the technology, which Salient co-founder Ryan Brown says can be a “hands-on” replacement for current systems on the market, in more than 200,000 homes across Texas and the Sunbelt by 2025. Brown added that pending a successful test, Horton World Services plans to use Salient’s technology in all of its future homes.

“The location of the model home and future developments is based on Horton World Services’ work to identify the best areas of the country for these new affordable and sustainable communities,” Brown told Dallas Innovates via email.

As part of the partnership, Horton will join the Salient Advisory Board. Horton is a former chairman of Arlington-based DR Horton, a homebuilding giant founded by his brother, Donald Horton.

Brown said the technology will help reduce the cost of homeowners’ electricity consumption, in addition to alleviating demand on utility grids, which many Texans would appreciate, as temperatures over 90 degrees from this weekend are expected to exert unprecedented pressure on the public network. period of the year.

The structure of a house built “in a few hours”

Horton World Solutions was established in 2018. The company focuses on using modular panels made from composite materials that replace the need for traditional construction methods. He says it allows builders to construct the structural building system of a home”in a few hours” by sliding the panels into a steel foundation. So far, the company has built more than 50 test buildings, including single-family homes, small houses and apartment buildings.

Salient’s Brown believes its work with Horton and other home builders will prove the effectiveness of its system.

“The goal of our demos and pilots, including this one, is to prove to the market that we have truly built a direct replacement for (lithium-ion),” Brown said. “Once we’ve done that, we’ll have proven that zinc-ion systems are a no-compromise replacement for lithium-ion. With this comprehensive solution, Horton World Solutions, along with other home builders we have not yet engaged, will be able to confidently include our batteries as the default solution in their future net zero homes.

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