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Coca-Cola inventory forecast? Is this a good or a bad buy? Let’s dive a little deeper into the stock, the forecast, and the company itself.

Ah, delicious Coca-Cola. Tastier than Pepsi. A true classic. Warren Buffet has promoted Coke in the past like crazy, claiming he drinks at least five Cokes a day. I’m not this outright (literally – anyone who drinks that much Coke a day can have health issues).

In fact, I don’t prefer one over the other and I can’t tell the difference. But if you are a Pepsi fan, hope you enjoyed me a little

Coca-Cola stock has been in the news quite recently, both for the good news and the bad. Below I will search for myself (and for you too). I’ll lay out the facts, give you some of my opinions, and let you decide for yourself.

Coca-Cola sales climb higher

Coca Cola (NYSE: KO) Second quarter finances showed good progress compared to the second quarter of last year. Revenue for the second quarter was $ 10.13 billion and is up 42% from a year ago. Net profit stands at $ 2.64 billion and is up 48% from a year ago.

The net profit margin was 26.07%. It was up 4.78% from the second quarter of last year. The company improves its sales and profitability.

Coca-Cola Stock Observations

Coca-Cola is currently on a short term downtrend correction. It is retreating from that bullish run that we saw by almost 50% from March 2020 to August 2021.

Coke has recently suffered price losses compared to its competitors. But this is usually not a cause for alarm. Especially when it comes to short-term price fluctuations and a business as big as Coca-Cola.

For the life of the stock, it has been in an uptrend. There was an all-time high and then a downtrend of about 50% from 1998 to 2005. Then it turned bullish again.

In 2020, it fell 36% in one month. Then he came back from March as I mentioned. This past story is important when looking at a Coca-Cola inventory forecast.

KO also has a dividend yield of just over 3% and a market cap of around $ 230 billion. He’s got a P / E ratio of 28 and it’s not incredibly high, but he’s still not exactly undervalued right now.

Considering all of these numbers and the company’s outlook, Zacks classifies Coca-Cola as a plug. This means that it would be wiser to own Coke shares at this time. It’s on a downward correction but I would expect Coke to start rising again.

Zacks also ranks it is a C for Value, B for Growth and B for Momentum. For VGM (Value, Growth and Momentum), KO gets a B. These “letter grades” work the same way schools give homework grades.

Leadership Coca Stock

Another important part of a Coca-Cola stock forecast is leadership and that is very impressive. Marc Bolland is a director of Coke. He held management positions for many companies before Coke. Among them, The Blackstone Group, a prestigious investment firm. And Heineken, an alcoholic beverage company.

Another manager, Ana Botin, has also held managerial positions for many companies. Including Banco Santander, JP Morgan and Assicurazioni Generali, a global insurance company based in Italy.

Leadership for KO looks good, and each person has a lot of success behind them. These successes help propel the company forward and upwards.

Coca-Cola News

Coca-Cola has recently received a lot of attention from hedge funds. It was listed in 62 hedge fund portfolios at the end of the second quarter of 2021. This is the record number of hedge fund portfolios for KO.

It is at an all time high. Yahoo Finance shows this is important because a select group of hedge funds “have outperformed S&P 500 ETFs by 79 percentage points since March 2017”. This is why investors should pay attention to the numbers of hedge funds.

The short-term bear is also in the news. Another article explains how Coke’s competitors outperform KO.

Coca Cola extended its $ 23 million plant in Henrico County, Va.. He bought better plastic molding technology. This technology will reduce the environmental impact and the freight for the company.

In a recent Beverage Daily article, Coke talks about their current marketing system. Marketing concepts include: attracting new customers, measuring results, cutting out mediocre campaigns, matching dreams to abilities, and being disciplined. This information is likely to attract a few more investors and is important in determining a Coca-Cola stock forecast …

Coca-Cola stock predictions

Zacks recommends suspending the Coke stock. And I think that’s wise for now.

But be prepared, because Coke could return at any time.

It’s on a fix right now, and it’s relatively inexpensive. It is a good thing for investors who buy. You can buy now and lose a bit in the short term. But chances are you will gain in the long run. Or you can also wait until the stock starts to go up. And there will be more guarantee that you will make short term returns.

TipRanks gathered information from 14 Wall Street analysts. Eight of them said to buy and six advised to keep. Zero recommended sales. They also each predicted a 12-month forecast for Coke. The high was at $ 65, the low at $ 59 and the average prediction was $ 62.07.

Overall, it is considered a “moderate buy”.

KO Stock a good buy now?

I find it pretty hilarious that the price of Coke soared so high in February 2020. It probably has something to do with all the over-buying by people before everything really goes down with COVID.

Either way, Coke’s value is inflated right now. But it would probably be a good buy for long-term investors. It is such an old company with a long history of shareholder returns.

He has not exhausted his welcome with regulars. People still love the classic, quirky looking sweetness that Coke has to offer.

If you want to know more, you can wait and try “pick the right time”. But I don’t think it’s a good investment strategy. It is difficult to monitor stocks and enter at the “right time”. A business that has done well in the past could do well in the future.

Especially if there are no large frames to replace. The company is not changing hands. There aren’t any big events that could really turn the business upside down.

With my forecasts and my Coca-Cola stock forecasts, the future looks bright. Although this is only one of the many opportunities that exist …

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